Leaflet giving notice of Bartholomew's move to Duncan Street

Bartholomew produced this leaflet to advertise their move from Park Road to Duncan Street, in 1911.

This leaflet reveals a lot about Bartholomew and helps to answer some of the questions regarding their success. It refers to the skill of the firm's staff, most notably that of John George Bartholomew. It mentions the state-of-the-art machinery, as well as the wide variety of work the firm was able to undertake.

The leaflet also covers their extensive collection of engraved copper plates which acted as a database, allowing John Bartholomew & Son to print maps quickly and cheaply, gaining an advantage over their competitors.

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Printed page with image and details of the Duncan Street building

Removal leaflet — first page

The front cover of the removal notice leaflet, shown here, describes Bartholomew's work in great detail.

Transcript of leaflet front page

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Coloured map with two buildings highlighted in red

Map showing Bartholomew locations

This map is part of the leaflet Bartholomew produced in 1911 to advertise their move from Park Road to Duncan Street.

The locations of both Edinburgh premises are highlighted in red towards the bottom of the map. They are referred to as the Old and New Geographical Institutes.

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Printed page with Bartholomew crest and details of departments

Removal leaflet — back page

The back page of the leaflet lists Bartholomew's various departments. It gives the full extent of Bartholomew's capabilities, from drawing maps to engraving them and finally printing them.

It also reveals that they could finish the maps in-house, including mounting the maps on cloth, as well as printing letterpress.

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