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old rascal, or we’ll lay the chimney of your house ;
as low as the foundation. Burn, burn, and de¬
stroy.— (Julian rushes letween them. 1
(Loud shouts of “ a Peveril—a Peveril \
Three cheers from the Miners.
Jul Then, friends, your Julian must burn with I
the rest. For, being bound by parole of honour to '
Major Bridgenorth, I will not leave the house till J
lawfully dismissed. Deeply do I feel your gallant- i
ry; but you, brave men, would scorn the Peveril •
that betrayed his word.
(The Miners all shout.)'-
Lance. Well, then, Mr Bridgenorth, since our j
young lord will not quit without your leave, give it ‘
him freely, and like a gentleman ; or we’ll knock i
all your heads off for you.
Alice. Dearest father ! grant their request—Let
Julian go.
Major B. Peace, child! Think you I fear a par¬
cel of boors, whom a few shots will scatter as the ;
chaff before the wind.
Lance. What say you ? On them, lads !
( The Miners shout, and prepare to renece the
Jul. (Again interposes.) The violence I have suf- *
fered in your house, from one now ranked beside
you, might well excuse my leaving you without more
circumstance. His threats have levelled at my life; j
but, holding you no party to his violence, from your
lips I wait my sentence.
Major B. \( aught of violence has here been of¬
fered you, I do acquit you of your promise. Go—
say to your mother,—In thus restoring to her arms
her much-lov’d son, I have repaid the debt I owed
her. But, from this time, no more must pass be-
between us. Depart—you have seen your last of
Bridgenorth and his daughter.
Chris. So say not I—we meet again.