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Act II.
Jul. Sorrow, Master Bridgenorth, finds little rest
on either. Tell me, 1 beseech you, what is to be
the fate of my parents, and why you separate me
from them ?
Major B. Julian Peveril, for thy mother’s sake
did I take thee from the grasp of those who thirst¬
ed for thee—For her sake have I brought thee a pri-
soner here, but to aid thy flight—a secret passage
from this room secures thy safety ; and, with the j
means I will provide, lose not a moment—make ;
for Liverpool; and, for the present, fly a kingdom
Jul. Major Bridgenorth, your pardon for this in- ’
terruption, but I will not deceive thee :—Were I to I
accept your offer, it would be to attend my parents; j
they are in sorrow, and in danger—I am their only -
child—their only hope—and I will aid or perish with ■
Major B. Aid them thou canst not—perish with
them thou mayest, and e’en accelerate their ruin, by j
being proved the accredited agent of Charlotte of
Jul. What reason have you for such an allega-
Major B. Let this suffice. Hear me repeat the
last words of that woman, when you left her castle.
Thus she spoke:—“ I am a forlorn woman whom
sorrow has made selfish.”
Jul. By what mysterious means you have pro¬
cured your information I know not; but I do defy
it, as far as it attaches guilt to me or to that noble
Major B. Perish then in thine obstinacy. For
the preserver of my Alice, your good mother, I
would have saved thee: But share the folly of thy
father, and die the death. [Exit.
JuL For what am I reserved ? Oh, dearest Alice ! .