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ty of ours:—If I am to gather force, light up the
beacon for a signal. And harkye, say to my lady,
I am gone down to the miners at Bonadventure—
Run, Cis, run—your legs are long enough.
Cic. Whether they are or not, you know no¬
thing of the matter; Master Lance, she shall do
your errand, for love of the old knight and his lady.
—(Runs off.)
Lance. That’s a mettled wench. Now Naunt,
give me the old broadsword—its over the bed. Ma¬
rian, give me my wood-knife—Nell, give me my
cap—Debby, give me a kiss—There ;—now I am
equipped : so now for the miners.
Dame. The miners ! Lord help you ! They were
all grumbling for their wages but yesterday.
Lance. Then they’ll be ready for the more mis¬
chief to-day. Now lasses, away with you to the
Castle. Naunt, look sharp to the house.
Deb. And what’s to become of me ?
Lance. Look sharp to yourself, my dear, as the
donkey said when he danced among the chickens,
f Lance at the Cottage door.
Lxeun , | 2)e5ora/j and Dame retire into Cottage.
SCENE V.—An Apartment in Moultrassie Hall.
An ordinary pallet bed, two chairs, and a small stone
table form the only furniture of the. room. A large
â– window in the back of the scene, through which,
by the moonlight, is seen Martindale Castle ; there
, are also folding-doors at the back.
Enter Major Bridgevorth with a lamp, con¬
ducting J u LI AN.
Major iB. (Placing tlte lamp on the table.) Your
bed is not of the softest; but innocence sleeps as
sound upon straw as upon down.
b 2