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Act II.
Dei. (Without.) Pray admit me, good people. |
It’s a lady in want of shelter and refreshment.
Lance. Ods-flesh ! away with the venison; brings
the bacon—and now open the door, Naunty : Per- •
haps some visitor to the Castle, who has lost her road |
in the dark.
Dame Ellismere opens the door, and Deborah,!
enters. Dame Ellismere keeps curtseying, and.
Lance, viith great respect, offers her a chair.
Dame. Your ladyship is truly welcome to the shel¬
ter of our humble roof.
Lance. Will your ladyship condescend to pick a
morsel ?
Deb. I am faint with walking, so I’ll try and
force down a glass of your home-brewed and a sliced
or two of your venison.
Lance. A slice or two of our venison, i’fackins !
Her ladyship has as sharp a nose as his reverence.]
Oh, certainly !—Here, Naunty.
( They busy themselves in re-covering the table, j
Deb. How greatly a few years must have improv¬
ed me. They have not the least remembrance of
me, poor wretches !
Dame. (Comes forward, and curtseys.) Supper’*
ready, my lady.
Lance. Here’s the home-brewed, an please your
Deb. Ay, give me the precious beverage. (She
drinks deep.)
Lance. How like his reverence her ladyship is, in
regard to venison and home-brewed.
Deb. Lance, my man, here’s to you.—(Drinks
Lance. Ods my heart, her ladyship will get muzii
So please your ladyship—