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Act U.
s-word fromhim, who, turning hastily round,
discharges a pistol at the Major’s head, who
sinks into a chair. The Soldiers, relieved
from Julian’s attack, are rushing upon Sir
Gfoffry, but are prevented by Lady Peve-
ril, who interposes herself between them and
her husband.)
Major B. Young man, you have reason to bless
heaven for thus escaping the commission of a great
Sir G. Bless the devil! you crop-eared knave :
For nothing but the father of mischief saved your
brains from being blown about like the rinsings of
Beelzebub’s porridge-pot.
Lady P. For heaven’s sake! dearest husband,
cease this wild talk: It can but incense Master
Bridgenorth, who might otherwise consider that in
Sir G. Hold your peace, housewife. Incense
him, truly ! The cowardly knave has ever had too
much favour at my hands. Had I cudgelled the
cur soundly, when he first bayed at me, the mong¬
rel had been now crouching at my feet, instead of
flying at my throat. But if 1 get through this ac¬
tion, as I have through worse weather, I will pay
off old scores, as far as tough crab-tree and old iron
will bear me out.
Major B. Gentlemen,—To you I assign the
charge of Sir Geoffry and Lady Peveril; but this
young man must stand committed, upon a war¬
rant which I will presently sign, of having assaulted
me while in discharge of my duty as a magistrate,
for the rescue of a person legally attached.
Top. (From under the table.) I will swear to the
assault. Shall this young fellow go along with his
parents, or will you keep him for re-examination ?
Lady P. Major Bridgenorth, if ever you knew