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Dame. A horse ! Lord help you ! What with
the plot they talk of, and expresses hurrying hither^
and thither, and guards and prisoners riding to and'
fro again, we have not a beast left; and you must
not think of going without some refreshment. '
(She now turns towards the table, as if to pre¬
pare something for Julian, and observes Ber¬
tram and the Stranger at the back of the |
stage.— The Stranger, perceiving he is dis-, i
covered, hastily quits the cottage—Bertram v
comes forward.)
Ber. Look not surprised, hostess. Business calls I.
my master suddenly away. He has left the reckon;
ing with me; and, at day-break, I shall conduct till i
lady to Major Bridgenorth.
Jul. To Major Bridgenorth ! What lady speaJ j,
you of ?
Ber. Your pardon, Sir ; but these are no tim<
to prattle in. Hostess, send your husband
Dame. I fear mischief, Master Julian. Hi
to the Castle; but pace not the high road—take
bye-way through the woods—and beware of trepai
Mat. (Without.) Dame, Dame ! Why stay ye'j
Dame—Haste, haste!
Jul. Farewell! And many thanks for your kii
ness. r_ (Julian at the door
Enter Julian.
Jul. I fear my compliance with the Dame’s a*
vice, of following the forest-track, will lead me in i
error. The night is dark, and one path so close i t.