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B$CENE vri.—Half-Dark.—A Cavern Mow
Holm Peel Castle, opening on the shore.—A
i1 Vessel seen in the distance.—On one side an
■1 arched door, as from the Castle, conducting down
to the stage by a fight of narrow steps.—Moon-
31 light.
Enier Christian and Bertram.
Chris. By whose aid did you escape the toils your
aorance had plunged you in ?
Ber. By your little deaf and dumb agent, Fenella.
lush ! are we not observed ?
I Chris. Coward ! ’tis but the boatmen waiting for
J oung Julian who bears dispatches; which, if they
i :ach their destination, we are lost. In this disguise
i bear him company ; and, on the way, must ease
le youth of part of his commission. Leave me.
j -(Bertram retit es towards the back of the stage.)
, —I hate this Peveril: in every way he does obstruct
ly plans ; but, long ere this, had ceased to do so,
,1 ut that Fenella, with romantic madness, loves him,
nd vows disclosure of my schemes, if once the hand
i if harm is raised against him. The pious Bridge-
lorth, too, affects the youth, and half inclines to
live his daughter to him. No, no; the union likes
tot me, nor my designs; she must to court, where,
f she meets our merry monarch’s eye, and finds his
iavour, unbounded influence, wealth, and honours,
arown our faction; and then, proud murderess of
ny brother, shall you find the vengeance that has
dogged your steps, though slow—was certain.
Ber. (Comes forward.) Hark! footsteps!
. Chris. The door unbars ! ’Tis Julian !
(As Christian and Bertram retire, enter Fe¬
nella from the arched door. She is followed
by Julian, whom she lights down the steps ;