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(Giving Fenella a lunch of keys.)—These which)
secure the dungeons I shall retain. My knight of
the halter was consigned to my care, and the Coun*i
tess’s order alludes not to him.
(Here Sampson accidentally drops the dun*
geon-keys, and Fenella, stooping to pick,
them up, presents him with her lunch, un¬
perceived by the old man.)
Thank ye, Dumbie—you are of some use, however
and if you could talk—but we are never satisfied!
and are always railing at women’s tongues, till we
miss their pretty little prattle. But how’s this, maid*
en, you have given me the wrong bunch ?
(Fenella has, during these lines, unlocked I
door in the lack scene; lul upon finding
that Sampson has discovered the change (j
keys, comes lightly forward, and stands a
his ellow.)
Here, here ! these are the keys you want—Thost
belong to me.—(He takes the keys from Fcnella-t
returning those he first gave her.)—There ! Goot
night; and take care of them. But she don’t hea
me, poor animal. [Exit
(Fenella watches Sampson off, then gently
taps at the door she has unlocked, from
which enters a man muffled in a large cloak
(Christian ;) he is about to speak, but foot
steps are heard, and hi rapidly leaves tli.
stage on one side as Julian enters on th>
Jul. Ah ! my poor Fenella waits to conduct me.
I have received my papers from the Countess; anc
now for England.
(Julian motions to Fenella that he is ready to
attend her. Fenella shows him the keys,
takes the lamp, and precedes him.) '