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1CFenella lays her hand upon her heart, and,
bowing low, points to the wing.)
Conn, ’i’is Julian comes—(Waves her hand to
uliak enters, whom Fenella regards with deep
interest, and forgetfully remains gazing upon
him—The Countess, irritated at her inattention,
stamps violently, and proudly motions her to leave
'the room.
, Coun. Retire.
(For a moment Fenella appears indignant at
the manner of the Countess; but, upon Julian
talcing her hand, and mildly requesting her
absence, she hastily leaves the apartment—
vainly endeavouring to subdue those emotions
his kindness has evidently excited.)
Jul. Madam, you desired to speak with me ?
Coun. Julian ; you perceive changes in the Castle
since you left it.
Jul. I perceive, Madam, that the guards are
doubled and preparations making for defence—I
have also heard of a conspiracy upon the island. Is
lit possible that aught can threaten danger to you,
lady ?
Coun. Danger, boy !—Danger has tracked my
steps for years. Yes, Julian ; when all England
had submitted to the Protector’s power, I alone, a
hapless widow, still waved the royal standard from
these towers : Nor had it ever been torn down but
for a villain who had eaten of our bread and drank
of our cup from childhood,—the traitor Christian.
Jul. Were you betrayed through him ?
Coun. Through him was I seven years a captive
in the dungeons of this very castle; and would have
perished there sooner than relinquish the right of my
son. But heaven had revenge in store. The islanders