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To - the READER. x»i
will eon/imu you ‘with the fvjord, "with the fj/m'vte,
■end ii'iththe -pejlibnce, as in Ita. i. 15. Jcr. kw.
The (word, famine and peflil'’nce, are 'God’*
three monal arrows, which he commorl) threat¬
ens to (hoot againft impenitent and incorrigible
©IF nders. Two of the:e are already (hot agu nft
us : The (word is dr.^wn, and much t cm coun¬
trymens blood is already (bed ; am; wha- ti rfher
ft 1 earns of it may flo v b-iore i' be pui • p n ts
■ Iheatb, God only knows The evil arr,/W of ta-
mine (as God calls it, tz k. v. »6.) is let fly a-
gainft us at-the tain rme. and taiuine is the ar¬
row which is the forefl of the (hue. Wh-n it
was put to David’s che ia, w hich of the three he
would be the Butt of, he would mot cfui e tajfin».
The ptophet j<.el doth bewail and deprtCite this
•judgmentic tl^e moft pathetic manner, and calls
the wh >!e land to fafling and prayer for remov¬
ing it, Joel i. 10,14. And we !ee. when God is
naoft angry, and ihreatetts to Iptnd hi anow: up¬
on a guilty people, he begins wi b theatrows of
famine as the loreft a. iu Deut jtatxii. 2j. 24. /
ivi1/ (fend mine arrows upon them ; they Jhu l be
burnt with huri-er. And we lee what the Spirit
of God laithof thele who-die by this arrow, Lum.
iv 9 ‘They that beJlain with the /word, are bet¬
ter than they that be jlain with hunger s For
‘thefe pme away ; ftritken through Jcr want cj the
fruitj of the field \ and thcefore their dt. ihis
moft lingering and miferable. Likewile famine
ufethlo bring on the moft noftomand motta! dif-
talts, -and frequently the peftiknee doth follow
upon the back of famine. Is it not high time
then fot our kind to. take the alarm, when God
^begins to (hoot his esil arrows i AVkwr the lion