'In Days of Old'

This film was made by Ben Humble MBE (1904-1977) to commemorate the 50th jubilee of the Ladies' Scottish Climbing Club in 1958.

It shows a reconstruction of women climbers from 1908 dressed in Edwardian climbing gear. There is a comedy sequence at the end where Hazel Scott and Rona Dickson (later Mrs Tom Weir) dressed in 1958 style of climbing gear meet the 1908 climbers.

The video is reproduced by kind permission of the Ladies Scottish Climbing Club.


The Ben Humble Collection

The Ben Humble Collection is held at the National Library and consists mainly of his collection of newspaper and magazine articles on mountaineering and mountaineering accidents. In the course of his lifetime Humble wrote many articles on outdoor pursuits in Scotland. He also played a leading role in improving rescue facilities for climbers in Scotland and in establishing the Scottish Youth Hostels Association.


The Ladies Scottish Climbing Club