George IV Bridge – celebrating 50 years

Shakespeare in miniature: acquired in 1997

At the National Library of Scotland is a set of William Shakespeare's complete works in miniature. It is known as the 'Ellen Terry Shakespeare', being dedicated to the famous Shakespearean actress.

The set was published by David Bryce of Glasgow in 1904. Each book is 6cm high. The volumes are bound in morocco with gilt lettering. They are housed in an oak cabinet with hinged doors, to hang on a wall. Bryce probably offered the set for sale in this cabinet. He advertised the Ellen Terry Shakespeare in a miniature oak chest and in a sycamore or oak revolving bookcase.

Our collection of miniature books with a Scottish connection includes a fine selection of those produced by Bryce. He took a keen interest in the latest technological advances that allowed larger volumes to be reduced to the smallest imaginable size. As a result, his publications are prized for the clarity and legibility of their print.

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