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David Hume's papers: acquired in 1987

Fundamentally important in the study of the Enlightenment in Scotland and France are the papers of David Hume.

At the National Library of Scotland is a large collection of the Scottish philosopher and historian's correspondence and manuscripts.

In one letter (pictured), Hume congratulates economist Adam Smith on the publication in 1776 of his major work, 'The Wealth of Nations'. He also suggests a few points of disagreement. At the end of his letter he mentions his poor state of health. In fact Hume died four months later.

The collection was put together by Hume's nephew and heir, David Hume, Baron of the Exchequer. It was bequeathed to the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and deposited at the National Library of Scotland in 1987.

Image from the Hume Papers reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder.

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