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Scottish cricket album: acquired in 1985

An album on Scottish cricket was compiled in 1889 by members of Arbroath Cricket Club to raise funds.

The album contains letters and photographs of many leading cricketers in Scotland at the time. Included is a photograph of himself given by Robert J Molison (pictured), then Captain of Aberdeen University Cricket Club.

Although cricket is generally considered an English game, it was played in Scotland in aristocratic circles as early as the 1780s. It became established from the mid-19th century, especially on the east coast.

This item was acquired by the National Library of Scotland in 1985. We hold the records of many sporting organisations, as well as the papers of sportsmen and women. Golf is particularly well represented: see our Golf in Scotland 1457-1744 website. There is also material on a wide range of sports, from mountaineering and yachting to football.

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