George IV Bridge – celebrating 50 years

'The Beano': acquired in 1977

Pictured is the first page of the 28 May 1977 edition of 'The Beano'. With it came the 'Super skimmer' toy which was famous at the time.

'The Beano' comic book has been running since 1938. Its companion 'The Dandy' started six months earlier. These comic books reflect an important part of the social scene of Britain. They have been acquired through legal deposit by the National Library of Scotland since 1972.

In the course of time, most of the original picture strips have changed, but the basic ethos remains the same.

Both comics are published by D C Thomson of Dundee, and the drawings have a close similarity to those in Thomson's other famous publication, 'The Sunday Post'. Unlike that firmly Scottish-orientated paper, the two comics have a wider British appeal.

Images © D C Thomson & Co Ltd

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