George IV Bridge – celebrating 50 years

Mountaineering photographs by T Graham Brown: acquired in 1965

Edinburgh doctor Thomas Graham Brown (1882-1965) was a celebrated mountaineer and an author. He was also an avid collector of books relating to mountaineering. His mountaineering collections were bequeathed to the National Library of Scotland on his death in 1965.

Also part of the bequest was a sum of money to continue the development of his collections. As a result, NLS is rich in books about all aspects of climbing, hillwalking or rambling, as well as works on mountainous countries such as Switzerland or Nepal.

Graham Brown's own works include 'Brenva', an account of his pioneering trilogy of ascents on the Brenva face of Mont Blanc.

The photographs here, taken by Graham Brown, show two climbers 'resting' on a rock right at the edge of a sheer drop.

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