George IV Bridge – celebrating 50 years

Polish books: acquired in 1962

To commemorate Poland's millennium in 1962, the Polish community in Edinburgh presented 1,000 books to the National Library of Scotland.

The year was the 1000th anniversary of the introduction of Christianity into Poland and of the emergence of Poland as a historic and sovereign state.

Our photograph shows the East-West Thoroughfare in Warsaw. It is taken from 'Warszawa', a photographic study of the city published in Warsaw in 1960.

This generous gift of Polish material was one of three received by the Library in the 1960s. Also in 1962 the Bibliotheca Polonica was transferred to us from Edinburgh's Signet Library. In 1964 Count Jan Tamowski presented the Library with a Polish collection of 131 volumes, mainly works on Polish art and topography.

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