The Fifth of November

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Whig propaganda sought to exploit James’s Catholicism to his disadvantage. In this song, listeners are reminded of the 1605 Catholic plot to blow up James VI and his parliament, and that it is only the intervention of William of Orange who landed in England on 5 November 1688 that saved Britain from another threat of submission to France and the influence of the Pope.

This is the bless'd day which a plot did betray,
To blow up our king and our parliament too;
When Papists and Atheists did scamper away,
And durst not perform what they swore they would do.
The Gunpowder Plot shall ne'er be forgot,
Nor James's intriguing with France and with Rome:
Let's always remember the fifth of November,
When Papists and tyrants did twice meet their doom.
Faux, with his dark lanthorn, was caught by the neck,
As he was preparing to blow up the train,
That so both our church and our state he might wreck,
And bring us to Popery and slavery again.

Faux, Piercy, and Rockwood, with Rome's other saints,
Her Stanleys, her Garnets, her Digbys, her Wrights,
Her Owens, Her Winters, her Catesbys, and Grants,
They revell'd by day, and they plotted a..nighte.
Her Gerards, her Tesmunds, her Halls, and her Kays,
Her Baldwins, her Bates, and her Treshams, combin'd,
The power of the Pope and the Spaniards to raise,
That they might restore the High-church to their mind.

Some did themselves murder, and others were shot;
Some were burnt with powder, for others prepar’d;
Some couples were hanged for this damnable plot;
Great pity it is that any were spared

What Rome thus has lost in James the First’s reign
In that of the second she hoped to receive.
Cause France was more strongto support her than Spain;
But once more the fates did the harlot deceive .

For William from Holland with forces came oe’r
And this blessed day in Great Britain did land,
To save us from France and from Rome’s bloody whore
And James ran for shelter to Lewis Le Grand

Thus though we were almost undone by the dad
As millions still living do well understand
French Tories and Papists a thing call’d his lad
Would fain have govern and rule o’er this land.