Lysozyme: President's address

Alexander Fleming stresses the importance of lysozyme in connection with natural immunity.

Date: Published in 1932.
Publication: Proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine, Volume 26, Part 1, Pages 71-84.

Alexander Fleming states that he chose lysozyme as the subject of his presidential address to the Royal Society of Medicine because:

- He has a fatherly interest in the name
- Its importance in connection with natural immunity 'does not seem to be generally appreciated'.

Fleming describes the cultures that, in 1921, first showed the 'extraordinary phenomenon' of the natural antiseptic he called 'lysozyme'. He goes on to discuss topics such as lysozyme in milk, and methods of demonstrating lysozyme action.

The Society's Proceedings include some illustrations and several tables of statistics and information.

Fleming gave this address to the Royal Society of Medicine on 18 October 1932.