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  [IX. Dunbar Complaint aganis
  Mure; S.T.S., p. 210.]
  Schir I «?wplane off Inium
  a refing sowne off rakyng Mum
  Hes magellit my making throw his malift
  and present it In to 3owr palift
  Bot sen he pleft wz't^ me to pleid 5
  I sail him knawin mak hyne to calift
  Bot giff 3owr heneft it remeid
  That fulle disme[m]berit hes my meter
  and poysonid It wzt/z strang salpeter
  Wz't^ xychX. defamowft speiche off lordzV 10
  quhilk wzt/z my collo«m all discordzk
  Quhois crewall sclander (Wuift ded
  and In my name all (leis) records
  3o«r grace beseik (I of remeid)
  [p. 11] He has Indorsit myn Indyting 15
  Wzt& versis off his awin1 hand vryting
  quhair in baithe sclander is and tressoun
  Off ane vod fuill far owt off ressoufi2
  he wantzk nockt bot a rowndit heid
  for he has tynt bait/z wit and ressoun 20
  3owr grace beseik I off remeid
  Puneft him for his deid culpabile
  or gar deliu^r him a babile
  That cuddy rug the druz/zfreft fuill
  may him resaue agane this ^uill 25
  all roundit in to fallow and reid
  That ladzk may bait him lyk a buill
  for that to me war sum remeid
  Quod dumbar
  1 On margin.
  2 Altered on margin to seasoun.

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