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The Muriel Spark Archive – a summary of manuscript accessions

As of September 2003

Acc.10374/5 Twelve letters, 1979-1987, from Muriel Spark to Alan Bold.
Acc.10607 Correspondence and related papers, 1941-1991.
Acc.10682 Four black-and-white production photographs from 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie', January 1993.
Acc.10750 Single letters, 1948, 1966, of Muriel Spark to Clive Sansom, concerning the Poetry Society, and John Smith, commenting on the first stage production of 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie'.
Acc.10989 Papers, from around 1943-1993, of Muriel Spark, including manuscripts, typescripts and proofs relating to her autobiography, 'Curriculum Vitae', and her critical works on the Brontës and John Masefield, manuscript notes for various published and unpublished works, and scripts of adaptation of her novels for radio, television and the theatre.
Acc.11050 Correspondence and papers of Derek Stanford, mostly concerning Muriel Spark: annotated books and papers concerning the Brontës and Cardinal Newman and other proofs, etc., of Spark; papers by Stanford on Spark; letters of Alan Barnsley, 1961-1962 (not dated), and Hugo Manning, 1961-1962 (not dated) concerning Spark; also letters of Ian Hamilton Finlay (not dated), and Alice V Stuart, 1955.
Acc.11105 Nine letters, 1980-1993, to Michael Lister from, among others, J K Annand, Norman MacCaig and Muriel Spark; also copies of two letters, 1980 and 1993, of Lister.
Acc.11231 Awards and certificates, 1980 onwards, presented to Muriel Spark. Items continue to be added to this accession.
Acc.11344 Papers, from around 1986-1995, of Muriel Spark, consisting mostly of correspondence arising from the writing and publication of her autobiography, 'Curriculum Vitae', and also including general business correspondence, 1990-1995, together with a small number of working notes and manuscripts.
Acc.11360 Videotape, 1996, of 'The Elusive Spark', a documentary television programme concerning Muriel Spark.
Acc.11426 Sixty-two faxes, 1990-1996, of Penelope Jardine and Muriel Spark to Alan Taylor.
Acc.11620 Letters (including cards, juvenile drawings, etc.), 1943-1996 (not dated), of Robin Spark to Muriel Spark, his mother, including some copies of her replies, and letters of her mother to her. 'Please note:' Not for consultation without the permission of the depositor.
Acc.11621 Papers, around 1956-1997, of Muriel Spark, including correspondence, and manuscripts and typescripts of poetry, short stories and a novel, 'Reality and Dreams'.
Acc.11681 Seven letters, 1962-1972, of Jon Wynne-Tyson of Centaur Press to Derek Stanford, concerning Muriel Spark.
Acc.11870 Personal items, including a diary, 1953, and a passport, 1988.
Acc.11909 Letters, 1979-99, of Andrew MacGill to Muriel Spark.
Acc.12082 Papers, around 1998-2000, including the manuscripts for 'Aiding and Abetting'.
Acc.12148 Science notebook dating from 1932.
Acc.12217 Photographs, 2003, of Muriel Spark's study.
Acc.12478 Literary and personal papers, 2000-2002, including the manuscripts for 'The Finishing School'.
Acc.12558 Letters, 1993-2002, to Muriel Spark to Geoffrey Handley-Taylor.
MS.26800, ff.4-7 Letter, 1951, to John Masefield, enclosing a poem, and a newspaper cutting, 1967.
MS.26800, ff.8-10 Manuscript (not dated) of 'Going Up to Sotheby's'.
MS.27464, f.8 Letter, 1965, to Alastair Reid.

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