India Papers

Medicine - Veterinary

'Medicine - Veterinary' contains the following 3 items:

(1) Veterinary diseases [ID: 75136787]

Volumes on surra in horses and camels, other diseases of camels, and a report on the 1864 cattle disease in Calcutta. Includes books about elephant health and disease and extensive information about husbandry and management of working elephants.

(2) Veterinary colleges and laboratories [ID: 75136791]

Reports from veterinary colleges and annual reports of the Imperial Bacteriologist. Plus volumes of the Indian Journal of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry covering 1931-1959.

(3) Civil Veterinary Departments [ID: 75136798]

Reports dated 1887-1950 record activities of the Civil Veterinary Department across India. Plus minutes, memoirs and ledgers concerning veterinary officers and their work.