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  16 It. In ye kitchen tuo big potts and a littel one of coper, three brass pans,
  tuo sause pans, a couer, tuo girdles [cake toasters], tuo brainders [gridirons], a drap-
  ing pan, a standirt, five spitts, a scummer, a laidle [divider], a backing [mincing]
  knife, five candlesticks, tuo gullies [large knives], and ane ess [S shaped] gullie, a
  ffrying pan, a pair of toangs, a mortar and pistell, a hand bell, two pair of snuffers
  and nyne pleats, eight asshits, ane doussing [dozen] and ane half of broth trunchers
  [soup plates], four dusing of plain trunchers, three baisons, and ane pynt stoup, a
  sowing* sidish [drainer], a coll riddle and tuo backits, a stooll, tuo raxis [frames
  for holding plates], a copar kettel.
  17 It. In ye woman house a bed wt a caff bed ane bolster, ane old chist and
  ane new on, wt ye standirts of a table, a woull [wool] baskit.
  18 It. In ye milk house three kirns, six milk cougs, three chessers [cheese-pres-
  ses ?] a big table, a reaming dish and sidish, three washing cuidds [tubs] and a big on.
  19 It. In ye brew huss three gallon trees,f on eighteen gallon tree, seven five
  gallon trees, tuo tuentie pynt rubbers, two guill fatts [fermenting tun], a masking
  [mashing] fatt, and a caldring [copper for boiling worts], a barm stop, a tumill, a
  skimmer, a toun cog [round wooden vessel, with a long handle, used in fermenting
  beer], a wirt dissh, a wirt skeel [a cooler, or square shallow sort of tub used in
  cooling worts].
  20 It. The roume oposite to John Strachans, a bed, a ffether bed, bolster and
  pillow, tuo pair of blankets and a couring, and a caff bolster at ye futt, a table.
  21 It. In ye servants roume a bed wt a caff bed and ffetther bolster and tuo
  pair of blankits ; in ye other a caff bed and caff bolster, and tuo pair of blankits, a
  table and a chair.
  22 It. Ye porters roume, a bed wt tuo pair of blankits and a caff bed and a
  bolster, a table and a chair and a couring.
  23 It. In ye bottle house tuo bufe toubs [beef casks], tuo butter toubs wt covers.
  24 It. In ye seller tuo hearing trees [bottle brushes ?] wt ane other a big chist,
  a souing toub.
  25 It. In ye cupboord, delivered as follows — tuo silver servers, a silver tanker,
  four silver salts, sheugar box, tuo spise boxes of silver, tuo silver cadel cups, two
  silver brandie disshes, a silver pottanger, tuo silver juggs, tuo silver tumblers, tuelve
  silver hefted [handled] knives, eighteen silver fforks, forteen silver spoons and a big
  silver one, thirtie-tuo glasses in ye cupboord, and three learn dishes standing high,
  tuo glass dicanters, ane oyle glass and a vinegar glass, four christall salts, four
  drinking glasses, tuo learn trunchers, a peuter dicauntor, a big queech [a drinking
  cup with two or four ears or handles].
  26 Novr. ye 3th 1712. It. of chopen bottles twentie three doussing and three.
  27 Ane particular accoimt of qt linnings my lady base delivered to Mrs.
  Adam at her entree, Novr. ye 22d, 1712.
  Impr. Off linning sheets forteen pair, and four pair of ffyne sheets.
  It. Of course sheets eighteen pair.
  It. Of pillavers [pillowslips?] fortie eight.
  It. Of bed sheet tuo.
  It. Of neapons thirteen doussing and seven, whereof 5 doussing and seven ffyne.
  It. Of toualls [towels] ffyfteen.
  It. Of table cloaths tuelve.
  * " Sowens — flummery made of dust of oatmeal remaining among the seeds, steeped and
  soured."— (Jamieson.) f Gantress, or stand for holding barrols.

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