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  a glass, a table and stands, ye rouine hung wt arras, a skreinge wt a box and a pan.
  a quilt above ye ffether bed, a chimlow, toaings, chuffie, and purring jorn.
  7 It. Ye closet bed hung wt green hannings, a ffether bed, a bolster, a pillow,
  tuo pair of blankets, a green cloath upon ye bed, a peuter chamber pott, a table wt
  a green cloath, three carpit chairs, ye closet hung wt green, and an old arm chair.
  8 It. The busting [fustian cloth ?] roume wt a busting bed shewed wt green,
  wt a turdilue, straw palliace, a ffether bed, a quilt above the bed, a bolster, tuo
  doun pillows, three pair of blankits, a holland quilt, a chamber pott of lame, the
  roume hung wt arras, a glass indented, wt table and stands, an olive wood cabinet,
  wt nyne carpit chairs and ane armed ane and eighteen pictures on ye chiniblow
  pease, and eleven big ones in ye roume, a chiniblow, toaings, chuffcl, and purring
  jorn, a pan and chamber box.
  9 It. In ye high dyning roume, the roume hung wt guilded leather,* twelve
  kean [cane] chairs, a cloak, a big table, a little skringe, a broad before ye chiniblow
  wt chiniblow, toaings, chuffie, and purring jorn, wt a pictur on ye wall.
  10 It. In ye drawing room, ye roume hung wt arras, a guilded glass, wt fyfteen
  carpit chairs, six picturs on ye wall, three bottels and tuo picturs on ye braise
  [chimney piece], a chimlow broad, wt a chimlow, toaings, chuffie, and purring jorn.
  11 It. In ye ffyne roume, hung wt arras, a japanned cabinet, table, glass, and
  stands, wt a little japanned dressing glass and dressing box, tuo pouder boxes, tuo
  patch boxes, tuo big brusshes, tuo little brusshes, and a little japanned box, a big
  pictur and tuo lesser on ye walls, seven chairs.
  12 It. In ye closet hung wt blew and whyte hangins, a ffether bed, a bolster,
  a pillow, tuo pair of blankits, a stool, and a pan.
  13 It. In ye nurssrie, Mrs. Annes bed,f a caff bed, a ffether bolster, four pair
  of blankits. It. in PeggiesJ bed, a caff bed, a ffether bolster, four pair of blankits
  and a cowring. It. in ye Ladys womans bed a ffether bed and bolster and pillow,
  three pair of blankits. It. in Agnis Ogilvies bed a ffether bed, bolster, four pair of
  blankits, and a couring ; a big press, tuo stools, whereof on carpit, and a chair, tuo
  big chists and a littel one, a bairns chair and a bairns pan, tuo chamber potts, and
  a dressing jorn.
  14 It. In ye loa dynning roume hung wt arras hannings, a big table and two
  littel ons, and a by table, tuelve Eussia leather chairs, eight picturs on ye wall, a
  chimlow, toaings, chuffel, and purring jorn.
  15 It. In ye Laird and Ladys roume, a bed wt blew shewed hanngins, a straw
  palliace, tuo ffether beds, a boughting [cradle] blankit, a bolster, tuo pillous, four
  pair of blankits, a holand quilt, a green cloath above ye bed, tuo peuter chamber
  potts, a cabinet and a chest of drawers, tuo tables, five chairs, a bairns chair and a
  kein stood, ten big picturs, and tuentie peaper ons, tuo big glasses and ane littel
  one, three picturs on ye brease, a clock, wt chimlow, toaings, chuffel, and purring
  jorn, a broad for ye chimlow.
  * A small portion of these hangings are in possession of the Rev. Mr. Harry Stuart of
  Oathlaw. The leather was beautifully embossed with figures and landscapes ; the part remaining
  shews representations of Ceres, Pan, and other heathen Deity. Mr. S. has also a chest of
  drawers, which was part of the Finhaven furniture. They are called Earl Beardie'a Drawers,
  but are of much later manufacture than his time.
  f Afterwards Lord Ogilvy of Inverquharity,
  X i. e. Margaret. She was afterwards the wife ot Lyon of Auchterhouse. It was on
  leaving her residence in Forfar that her brother of Finhaven stabbed the Earl of Strathmore,
  and took refuge from justice in her "peat-house." Ut sup., pp. Uil-2.

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