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  No. VII.— Page 253.
  Letter from Sir David Carnegie, of JPittarrow, Bart., to Alexander Carnegy, Esq.
  of Balnamoon.
  [The laird of Balnamoon, to whom the following curious letter was addressed,
  was father of the "rebel laird" of 1745. The writer was the second Baronet of
  Pittarrow, father of Margaret Carnegie, wife of the patriotic Fletcher of Saltoun,
  and mother of Lord Million, an eminent Scotch lawyer. Carnegie's grandson, Sir
  James, succeeded to the Southesk estates on the death of the last Earl in 1729,
  from whom the present baronet of Southesk is the fourth in succession.]
  " To the much honoured the Laird of Ballnamoon. — These
  As I hear that in absence of the Earle of Northeske yow manage all sea
  wrack to the best advantage for him And being certantly informed that the Sea has
  cast in severall casks not only of the best of Brandie, which they that have teasted
  of; doe assure me: And which brandy does nowayes belong to ye ships seawrackt
  at Montrose. And also being told that severall casks of ye best ffrench wyne of the
  same nature were lykewayes cast ashore and seased by you for ye Earles use. Sir
  my sade sicknes these four moneths bygone and yet continuing (having weakened
  me extremely beyond expression) ; my body craves for its support ye best of Liquors
  indispenseable ; I doe earnestly intreat I may have two gallons of the best brandie
  and als much of the best ffrench wyne at ye current pryce ye rest of ye best shall be
  sold at ; This Sir as I know my Lord will be heartely satesfied with ; so when with
  you I plead ye bonefite of blood relation It saves me the pains of farther persuasives.
  Only you will friendly consider the great need I presently stand in ; for my present
  subsistance and Life ; And qch sir from you will be ye most seasonable kyndnes you
  can express to me ; So your answer by this bearer is expected by
  Your Affectionat humble servant
  Pittarrow 12 Apryle 1708." D. Carnegie.
  No. VIII.— Page 253.
  Notice of the family of Arbutlmott of Findowrie. — From Notes from Findowrie
  Papers, by P. Chalmers, Esq., of Aldbar.
  Egbert Arbuthnott* of that Ek, third of the name, was the immediate pro-
  genitor of the family of Findowrie. He succeeded his father James, and was thrico
  married : first to Elizabeth Carnegie, Kinnaird's daughter, by whom he had three
  sons and one daughter ; secondly, to Margaret Pringle of Gallowshiels, by whom
  he had no issue ; and, thirdly, to Helen Clephane, daughter of the laird of Cars-
  logie, who bore him four sons and four daughters. On the 14th of February, 1574,
  Eobert of that Ilk, and his third wife, had charters of the lands of Findowrie,
  in conjunct fee and life-rent, and to David Arbuthnott, their eldest son in fee, from
  Eobert Cullaiss of Balnamoon. Eobert Arbuthnott of that Ek was succeeded in
  Arbutlmott by his son, great-grandson, and great-great-grandson. The last of these
  * The reader is referred to Douglas' Peerage, vol. i., article, Arbuthnott, for the ancient
  history of this family, also ut sup., p. 307.

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