William Dunbar: The Ballade of Lord Bernard Stewart   (Page 4 of 8)

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(p.172) Welcum oure indeficient adiutorie
That evir our naceoun helpit in thare neyd
That neuer saw scot yit indigent nor sory
Bot thou did hym suport with thi gud deid
Welcum therfor abufe all livand leyd
Withe vs to liue and to maik recidence
Quhilk neuer sall swnye for thi saik to bleid.
To quham be honour lawde and reuerence

Is none of scotland borne fathfull and kynde
Bot he of naturall inclinacioune
Dois favour the withe all his hert and mynde
Withe fervent tendir trew intencioun
And wald of inwart hie effectioun.
But dreyd of danger de in thi defence
Or dethe or schame war done to thi persoun
To quham be honour lawde and reuerence

Welcum thow knight moste fortunable in feild.
Welcum in armis moste aunterus and abl_.
Wndir the soune that beris helme or scheild
Welcum thow campioun in feght wnourcumabl_
Welcum most dughti digne and honorabl_
And moist of lawde and hie magnificence
Nixt wndir kingis to stand incomperable
To quham be honour lawde and reuerence