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(74) D.2866 - French girls at work

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(74) D.2866 - French girls at work

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First World War 'Official Photographs' > Allies > French > (74) D.2866 - French girls at work
(74) D.2866 - French girls at work
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DescriptionFrench women mending boots, France. Eight women are standing around a workbench- four each side- end on to the camera. Along the wall behind the women are a line of pegs which have bags and coats hanging on them. The top of the workbench is divided into little compartments for each worker and along the middle of the bench is a raised plank for finished pairs of boots to be placed on. The rest of the bench is heaped with boots. The women all have their hair tied back and are wearing leather aprons on top of their everyday clothing. Their fingers are all black from the work they are doing. It is thought that John Warwick Brooke took this photograph. The conditions in the trenches and the constant movement meant that most boots were given rough treatment. They were a vital part of any soldiers equipment and so had to well looked after. [Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN ON THE BRITISH WESTERN FRONT IN FRANCE. Where Tommy's footwear is repaired. This big shop on the Western Front renovates 30,000 pairs a week. French girls at work.']
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DescriptionPhotographs from the Haig "Official Photographs" series with French Press Stamps or of France and the French.
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DescriptionPhotographs of various nationalities allied to the British.
First World War 'Official Photographs'
DescriptionBlack-and-white photographs mainly of the Western Front during the First World War. Official British war photographers took many of them for propaganda purposes. Unless otherwise stated, titles are the photographs' original captions. From the papers of Field Marshal (Earl) Haig (1861-1928). The Haig Papers also contain Douglas Haig’s diaries.
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