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Alexander MacArthur's story

Alexander MacArthur (1843-1887)

Emigrated to Canada in 1861, living first in Toronto, then Montreal and then Winnipeg.

Hudson's Bay Company

Alexander MacArthur was originally from Nairn and emigrated to Canada in 1861.

Between 1861 and 1864 he worked for the Bank of Toronto but became disillusioned with his job.

In 1864 he moved to the Hudson's Bay Company in Montreal as second officer and accountant, remaining with the company for four years.

From fur to lumber

In 1868, Alexander decided to set up a wholesale fur business alongside a partner. Soon afterwards he received a commission from the Canadian government to supply moccasins for the army.

In 1869 Alexander moved to Winnipeg, where his brother Peter was living, and became engaged in the lumber business. Both of them were involved in the Red River rebellion (1869-1870) on the loyalist side.

Manitoba Historical Society

In 1878 Alexander became manager of the Manitoba Investment Association and was one of the founder members of the Manitoba Historical Society. He died unexpectedly in 1887.

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