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  THE ORIGINAL of the letter printed
  and translated in the following pages will
  be of interest, not only as being from the
  pen of a good Irish scholar, but also as making
  a very probable allusion to the imprisonment of
  an Archbishop of Dublin. It is bound into
  the MS. marked 23M4, in the Royal Irish
  Academy. It has not, to my knowledge, been
  published before. A few words of explanation
  regarding the writer, the addressee, and the per-
  sonal and other references in it, will be necessary.
  John Mac Solly, the writer, was a native of
  county Meath, and resided in Harmanstown, in
  the parish of Stackallen. He cultivated Irish
  literature, not, however, as an original author.
  He is known as a diligent copier of MSS., and
  as a friend of Tadhg O Neachtain, the lexico-
  grapher. The latter was a son of Sean O Neachtain,
  the poet, and spent a considerable number of
  years in the city of Dublin, where he commemo-
  rated his literary acquaintances in a piece of
  twenty-six stanzas. Mac Solly he speaks of as
  follows :
  An Solamh sochma Seaán na searc
  a Thoigh Calláin thaoibhe Teamhrach
  cuim is sciath is tearmon dil
  fhritil arsaidh mhacaibh Mileadh
  (Calm Mac Solly, John the beloved, from Stack-
  alien, in Tara's neighbourhood, protector and

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Gleanings from Irish manuscripts
Description2nd edition, with additional matter. Irish text and English translation, English preliminaries and notes.
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