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  The Blind O Higgin^s Satire for the O Haras*
  1. Sluagh seisir tháinig dom thigh
  do bhéar uaim iul an tseisir
  tearc do lacht me ar n-a mhárach
  Ó thart na sé siolánach
  2. Díth Oram s eigean orra
  atá an t-amhghar etorra
  ceilt na rann-sa is deacair dhamh
  s is peacadh dhamh-sa a ndéanamh
  3. Ní i bhfalach is fearr a n-aoir
  cidhbé thuilleas a tathaoir
  mar do aor me an sluagh seisir
  ni dual gan é d'innisin
  4. Táinig dhíom s ba doiligh sin
  a mbreith ó bhás go beathaidh
  mo lacht d*ól nochar bhfoláir
  is mór tart an tur-aráin
  *0 Curry Manuscript 23G 13, Maynooth, a volume
  consisting mainly of transcripts made by or for the original
  owner. There is a note appended to this piece as follows :
  " Pasted down on the inside of the cover at the end. Archbishop
  Tenison's library over the door at entrance. London, May
  4th, 1855. Eugene Curry." Though not faultless this version
  gives several better readings than that printed by O Grady.
  Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the British Museum ^ 439.

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Gleanings from Irish manuscripts
Description2nd edition, with additional matter. Irish text and English translation, English preliminaries and notes.
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