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  The Franciscan MS. A. 14 contains two poems
  and a copy of the Forus Feasa of Céitinn. Of
  the poems the first was edited by me in the
  Irisleahhar Maighe Nuadhat of 1 9 1 3,* while the
  main text of the manuscript has been used in
  the Irish Texts Society edition of Céitinn's work.
  The only portion which has not hitherto been
  printed is the elegy on Niall Garbh Domhnaill,
  of which the text with a tentative translation is
  here given.
  The exact date of the manuscript is not known,
  but it must be later than 1 6 3 2 , as Emonn O Braonáin
  on whom the first elegy was composed, died in
  that year. It has been ascribed to Céitinn himself
  and to the Cléirigh school. Though the writing
  is not of a uniform character the prose is probably
  all the work of the same hand. The poems show
  certain peculiarities also displayed by a note on
  a single leaf containing the genealogy of Maol-
  chraoibhe, a quo Maoilchraoibhe, also preserved
  in the Franciscan collection. The entry is as
  follows : ata an senchus romhainn ar na sgriohhadh
  go glan do réir na leahhar as ferr do chonncamar 7
  mar dherhhadh air sin ataimsi ag cur mo laimhe
  air so Madrid 28 Marta 1658 Tuileagna Mael-
  conaire seancha coitchenn Erenn * the above
  pedigree has been written accurately according
  to the best books we have seen, and as witness
  * See the preceding paper.

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