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  Edited by JOHN MACKAY, Glasgow.
  No. 9 Vol. V.]
  JUNE. 1897.
  [Price Threepence.
  ^VI?;K. JOHN MACGKEGOK, the subject
  ^ffl^|h of the j)reseut sketch, was boru in the
  ■^ '-^ ancient city of St. Andrews sisty-three
  years ago. His father was a clansman of Rob
  Roy, his mother was one of a very old family of
  residenters in St. Andrews. The business of
  the elder Macgregor was that of a house painter
  and decorator ; he emigrated with his wife and
  all the members of his family, except the subject
  of our notice, to America many years ago.
  John Macgregor, though then only in his nine-
  teenth year, took up the business of his father,
  which he has carried on with great assiduity
  ever since. A good many years ago he
  combined the business of auctioneer, valuator,
  and house agent with that already carried on
  by him, and also went in vigorously for house
  building, many of the best houses in the city
  being built by him, and several of the finest
  streets and terraces owing to him their incep-
  tion. At present he is one of the largest owners
  of house property in his native city.
  While thus diligent in his own business, Mr.
  Macgregor has done great and good service
  in the public interests. Entering the Town
  Council over forty years ago, he has continued
  regularly to hold a seat at the Board ever since,
  and has taken an active part in every movement
  for the advancement of St. Ajidrews, working
  most untiringly with his colleagues at all times.
  In recognition of his many and varied services
  he was elected a Magistrate in 1870, and very
  few of his constituents really knew the amount
  of time and labour he has since expended in
  the public service. Four years ago he was
  elected Chief Magistrate of his native city, an
  honour- well earned, and no Provost, we feel
  sure," has ever done better work or got on more
  pleasantly with his Council.
  The Provost also served some years in the
  School Board of the burgh; he is at present
  Chairman of the Parish Council, and a Justice
  of the Peace. Though having seen over three
  score years, the Provost is as active as ever, and
  his many friends in St. Andrews, as well as
  beyond its borders, wish that he may yet see
  many years of further usefulness. We should
  add that to his fellow citizens the Provost is a
  most helpful man, no tale of want or sorrow
  ever appealing to him in vain.
  He is a member of the Clan Gregor Society,
  and in all matters relating to his clan he is an
  James Bain.
  ^]^iAIR Caledonia's ttustle yields
  HTjIL A theme for song and story ;
  ^11^ When borne aloft on martial helda
  It aye has led to glory.
  Each Highland clan adored its tiag, —
  They soared or fell together ;
  They also loved what draped the crag
  And lofty ben — the heather.
  The shamrock, tliistle, and the rose
  May fade and die together :
  Forsake the lot — -reject all those,
  But bring a bunch of heather 1
  Do not adorn your bonnets blue
  With thistle, flower, or feather,
  But cross, and band of sable hue.
  And spray of mountain heather.
  I- Yoik. P. MACruERSOiN,

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