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  daughter of Mr. Thomas Warwick, Sherwood,
  Nottiughaiu, a lady who enters into all his
  Highland sj'mpathies, and who shares with her
  husband his great popularity. Their family
  consists of four pretty little girls, Wo trust
  that they all may loQg be spared to enjoy the
  esteem and respect of all who know them.
  Angus Fraser-Macrae, M.A.
  Part Xl.~(ContinnedJrrmi page 129.)
  Seven Yeahs' War, and the French
  obeying the orders of bis superior at
  =^ Minden, was fried in England by court-
  martial, and declared unfit to serve in any
  military capacity. In the campaign of 1760,
  25,000 British troops assisted Frederick. In
  the battles of Korbach and Warburg the British
  infantry and cavalry greatly distinguished
  thf mselves by the brilliant way in which they
  charged, broke and routed tlie French. At
  the surprise of Kloster Camp, the British
  cavalry, consisting only of detachments of the
  Creys and Inniskilliners, and five battalions of
  infantry, j^erformed the most dashing service,
  and equally so, two months later, at Campen.
  Now appear on the scene Keith's Highlanders,
  who though raw recruits from Sutherland, Ross,
  Inverness, and Argyll, greatly distinguished
  themselves by their intrepiditv and good
  conduct After the Battle of 'Warlnirg, in
  which the French were defeated with great
  loss, Prince Ferdinand reporting to George 2nd
  said "that the loss on his side fell chiefly upon
  Maxwell's brave battalion of British Grenadiers,
  and the regiment of Scots Highlanders, who
  did wonders."
  At Zeirenburg another affair soon occurred, of
  which the Prince reported. " The Scots High-
  landers moiuited the breaches sword in hand
  supported by the chasseurs. The British
  Grenadiers advanced in good order and with
  the greatest silence. In short the service was
  complete, the troops displayed equal courage,
  soldier-like conduct and activity." This was a
  night attack. The French were surprised, and
  taken prisoners.
  At the Battle of Fellinghausen, in July, 1761,
  the French were defeated with a loss of 4000
  men, while that sustained by the British and
  Germans did not exceed 700. Prince Ferdi
  nand in a general order, states, "His Serene
  Highness is generously pleased to order Colonel
  Beckwith to signify to the brigade he has the
  honour to command, his entire approbation of
  their conduct on the 15th and 16th July. The
  soldier-like perseverance of the Highland regi-
  ments in resisting and repulsing the repeated
  attacks of t/ie c/msea troops of France has
  deservedly gained them the highest honour.
  The ardour and activity with which the Grena-
  diers pushed and pursued the enemy, and the
  troj)hies they have taken, justly entitle them to

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