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  Post Office— For Glenlivet— BailindaUoch, with sub-offices at Drumin and Toma-
  voulin. For Morange — Dufftown.
  Railway — Nearest Stations at present — Dufftown and Craigellachie ; but when the
  Strathspey Railway is opened, the nearest station will be Balnellan.
  Bremner, Rev. John, The Manse
  Bremner, Ales., Tomintoul post, Bridge-
  Bennet, Alex., farmer, Deskie
  Beaton,, Murdoch, schoolmaster, Tomna-
  Boyne, James, schoolmaster, Chapeltown
  Cowpar, Dr. Jas., farmer, Achorachan
  Cameron, John, schoolmaster, Lynn of
  Cameron, William, farmer and ground
  officer, Westertown
  Cameron, Peter, tailor, Croftbain
  Dawson, Wm., shoemaker, Bridgend
  Fleming, James, farmer, Glack
  Farquharson, James, farmer, Bogarrow
  Gordon, John, farmer, Lettoch
  Gordon, Adam, farmer, Lagual
  Gordon, Alex., weaver, do.
  Gordon, Wm., farmer, Tomnavoulin
  Gordon, Chas., farmer, Knockandow
  Gordon, Robert, farmer, Backside
  Grant, James, farmer, Croftbain
  Grant, Robt., farmer, Lynebeg
  Grant, Alex., miller, Tombreackchie
  Grant, John, farmer, Nether Clashnore
  Grant, John, farmer, Cordregnie
  Grant, John, farmer, Blairfiudy
  Grant, James, farmer, Upper Clashnore
  Grant, Peter, farmer, Thain
  Grant, John, farmer, Eskiemore
  Grant, James, farmer, Achnescraw
  Grant, Peter, farmer, Ladderfoot
  Grant, John, farmer, Corvannich
  Grant, Thomas, merchant, Drumin
  Grant, John, farmer, Cullandhium
  Grant, James, baker, Shenval
  Grant, James, farmer, Bochle
  Grant, John, blacksmith, Tomnavoulin
  Grant, Alexander, carpenter, do.
  Glennie, Rev. James, Chapeltown
  Jnnes, William, farmer, Eastertown
  Innes, W., farmer, Craighead of Corries
  Innes, Alex., Inspector of Poor, Shenval
  Ingram, William, weaver, Delrachie
  Innes, John, Newton
  Kellas, John, farmer, Upper Drumin
  Anderson, James, farmer, Folds
  Cameron, John, farmer, Bellachum
  Fleming, William, farmer, Achfad
  Farquharson, James, tailor, Tervyside
  Gordon, William, farmer, Burnfold
  Grant, John, Laggavaich
  Grant, James, farmer, Dualts
  Grant, John, farmer, Bluefold
  Grant, William, merchant, Bankhead
  Innes, George & James, Morange Lime
  Innes, Robert, carrier, Bankhead
  Macgillivray, Thos., farmer, Corshalloch
  Lamb, John, cattle dealer, Scalan
  M'Kenzie, Alex., farmer, Claggin
  M'Kenzie, James, farmer, Craggan
  M'Lachlan, James, farmer, Shenval
  M 'Donald, Rev. Chas., R.C.C., Tonibae
  M 'Donald, John, farmer, Achdregnie
  M 'Donald, George, farmer, Tullich
  M 'Donald, John, farmer, Clinkhard
  M'Pherson, Al., farmer, Mains of Quern
  M'Pherson, John, farmer, Tomnareave
  M'Pherson, James, farmer, Tomilenan
  M'Pherson, William, farmer, Claggin
  M'Gregor, James, farmer, Scalan
  Mackay, Peter, merchant, Lettoch
  Mathieson, Alex., farmer, Scalan
  Mackay, Robert, farmer, N. Clashnore
  M 'Hardy, John, innkeeper, Knockandow
  M 'Hardy, Alex., farmer, Calier
  M Hardy, Alex., farmer, Braeval
  Newell, W. J., Blairfiudy Lodge and
  Rattray, John, shoemaker, Clashnore
  Rattray & Son, J„, masons, Knockandow
  Skinner, James, farmer and tactor for
  Duke of Richmond, Drumin
  Smith, George & John G., distillers and
  farmers, Glenlivet Distillery
  Stables, Alex., farmer, Tombreackchie
  Stewart, Alex., farmer, Keauakyle
  Stewart, James, farmer, Laggan
  Stewart, James, miller, Achnescraw
  Stewart, William, farmer, Belnoe
  Stewart, William, farmer, Rhindhu
  Stewart, Charles, farmer, Demickmore
  Stewart, John, carpenter, Knockandow
  Scott, Robt., blacksmith, Tombreakachie
  Shaw, Charles, farmer, Bolnaclash
  Shaw, James, carpenter, Tombreakchie
  Stewart, Jas., farmer, Wester Achavaich
  Stewart, Alex., farmer, Easter do.
  Stewart, Charles, farmer, Eskiemulloch
  Stephen, John, merchant, Tomnavoulin
  Stewart, William, merchant, Delhandy
  Stewart, Donald, tailor, Tomnavoulin
  Taylor, William, blacksmith, Refriesh
  Turner, Robert, farmer, Auchuarrow
  Watt, Francis, miller, Refriesh
  M 'Donald, John, farmer, Mains
  M 'Donald, Alexander, farmer, Hillhead
  M 'Donald, Robert, farmer, Tomnareave
  Sheed, Alex., farmer, Upper Coul
  Smith, Charles, farmer, Mullochard
  Smith, Charles, farmer and innkeeper,
  Smith, Robert, farmer, Nether Coul
  Smith, Robert, farmer, Poluapeat
  Stewart, Robert, farmer, Bluefolds
  Stewart, William, weaver, Terveyside
  Turner, John, farmer, Knowehead

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