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  148 . JOHNSTONE.
  Barclay, John, Buck's Head Inn, 14 High street
  Barr, Daniel, grocer, 6 Houstoun square
  Barr, Daniel, picking master, Johnstone Mill, 14 Collier st.
  Barr, George, engineer and machine maker, 14 Dimity
  street — house William street
  Bell, John, coal merchant, Pe'ockland
  Black, Andrew, merchant, 58 High street
  Black, Hector, spirit dealer, 17 Houstoun square
  Black, Janet, grocer, 36 Macdowall street
  Blackley, James, Church street U. P. Church officer, ho,
  27 Macdowall street
  Blackwood, Mrs. John, grocer, 2 Quarry street
  Blair, James, society officer — house 5 High street
  Blair, James, tailor, 26 High street
  Blair, Robert, manager of Gas Work — house do.
  Boag, James, wright, timber merchant, and cooper, 5
  Dimity 'street, steam saw mills, 18 do — ho. Wood
  Bank Cottage
  Bousfield, C. H., of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co — ho. 39
  High street
  Bowie, Allan, general broker, 6 Graham street
  Boyd, John, clothier, 16 High street
  Boyle, David, & Co., grocers, spirit dealers, and cork
  cutters, 71 High street
  Boyle, John, butter and egg merchant, 22 High street
  Braid, Joseph, foreman at Johnstone Cast Iron Foundry
  — house High street
  Brodie, Mrs. John, coal merchant, 11 High street
  Brooks, Rev. George, U. P. Ch. — house 56 High street
  Browns, Malloch, & Co., cotton spinners, Elderslie Mill,
  and Old Mill, 36 High street
  Brown, William, broker, 18 William street
  Brown, William, keeper, Milliken toll bar
  Buchanan, John, horse breaker and clipper, 63 High st.
  Buchanan, Peter, clerk, Old Mill, 36 High street — house
  55 do.
  CALDWELL, John, carding master. Old Mill, 36 High
  Caldwell, John, customer weaver, 12 Quarry street
  Caldwell, Robert, surgeon, 54 High street
  Caldwell, William, grocer, 2 High street
  Cameron, James, picking master, Hagg Mill
  Cameron, Matthew, carter, 11 Houstoun square
  Campbell, David, manager, Pe'ockland Mills, 78 High st.

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