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  Sbaw, William F. (of Ferguson, Shaw, & Dick), ho.
  230 West Regent street.
  Shaw, William F. (of Ivie Hair & Co.), house, 102
  South Portland street.
  Shaw, William (of James Shaw & Co.), house, Elm-
  wood, Bothwell.
  Shaw, Wm., wright, builder, and property valuer, 44
  Wallace street; house, 38 Pollok street.
  Shaw, William, furnishings, 120 Garngad road.
  Shaw, William (of Guthrie, Shaw, & Co.), house,
  Elmwood, Bothwell.
  Shaw, William (of Campbells, Neilson, Shaw, & Co.),
  house, 353 Bath crescent.
  Shaw, W. C, goldsmith and jeweller, watch, clock,
  and chronometer maker, 92 Buchanan street, and
  12 South Exchange place.
  Shaw, Wm. B., Ebenezerfield house, 72 Craighall rd.
  Shaw, Mrs., 132 South Portland street.
  Shaw, Mrs., underclothier and outfitter, 19 North
  Portland street.
  Shaw, Mrs., 27 Abbotsford place.
  Shaw, Mrs. Andrew, 5 Hill street, Garnethill.
  Shaw, Mrs. Neil Ritchie, 28 Arlington street.
  Shaw, Mrs. William, wine and spirit merchant, 9
  Anderston quay; house, 96 Washington street.
  Shaw, Miss, milliner, 75 Bath street.
  SHEARER, David, wine and spirit merchant, 152
  Sauchiehall street; hou3e, 146 do.
  Shearer, David, agent (at Mr. Neville's, 34 Glass-
  ford street), house, 73 Reid street.
  Shearer, James, spirit merchant, Whitebait Rooms,
  St. Enoch lane and wynd ; house, 140 London st.
  Shearer, James N., chemist and druggist, Western
  Medical Hall, 156 New City rd. ; ho. 21 Scotia st.
  Shearer, John (at Miller & Bannerman's), 30 Gor-
  don street.
  Shearer, John (of Graham & Shearer), house, 127
  Paisley road.
  Shearer, John, grocer and victualler, 54 Tureen st.
  Shearer, Robert, dairyman, 96 South Wellington st.
  Shearer, Robert (at John Norman & Co.'s), house,
  138 New City road.
  Shearer, Robert, fruiterer and confectioner, 91 Main
  street, Bridgeton.
  Shearer, Thos., flesher, 204 Stirling's rd. ; ho. 200 do.
  Shearer, Wm., baker, 55 John st. ; ho. 255 Geo. st.
  Shearer, William, 362 St. Vincent street.
  Shearer, Mrs. M., wine and spirit merchant, 49 North
  Albion street; house, 40 Cowcaddens.
  Shearer, Mrs. William, coal ygent, 135 Sydney st.
  Shearer, M., hosier and furnisher, 116 Blythswood
  terrace; house, 104 do.
  SHEDDEN, A. & W., tailors and clothiers, 76^
  Eglinton street.
  Sheddin, Charles H., cowfeeder, Kinning cottage,
  73 Paisley road.
  Shedden, John, tai'or & clothier, 187 Castle street.
  Shedden, Robert, dairyman, 13 Park pi,, Paisley rd.
  Shedden, William, teacher, 94 Duke street; house,
  244 Eglinton street.
  Sheddin, Mrs., lodgings, 16 South Portland street.
  Shelton Bar Iron Works, Stoke, Staffordshire ;
  James Anderson, agent, 33 Renfield street.
  SHEPHERD, Joseph, hat-block maker, 2 West
  Russell street.
  Shepherd, Philip, janitor, Alexander's Charity, 94
  Duke street.
  SHEPPARD, Caulfield, wholesale blacking manu-
  facturer, 131 Gallowgate.
  Sheppard, J. D., Hanoverian consul, 54 St. Enoch
  square; house, 179 West Regent street.
  Sheppard, Robertson, & Co., 128 Ingram street.
  Sheppard, W. (of Sheppard, Robertson, & Co.),
  house, 179 West Regent street.
  Sheppard, Misses, 179 West Regent street.
  SHERIDAN,Dennis, provision dealer,135 Bridgegate.
  SHERIFF, George (of Pollok, Gilmour, & Co.), ho.
  13 Granby terrace, Hillhead.
  Sherriff, J. B., merchant, and of Lochiudal Distil-
  lery, Islay ; office, 12 Hope street ; residence,
  Carronvale, Larbert.
  Sherriff, Peter, gun and fishing tackle maker, 10
  Renfield street; house, 264 Buchanan street.
  Sherriff, Thomas, & Co., ironfounders, Cyclops Foun-
  dry, 2 Peel street, London road.
  Sherriff, Thomas (of Thomas Sherriff & Co.), house,
  354 Duke street.
  Sheriff, William, supervisor of inland revenue, 13
  Queen street ; house, 24 St. Vincent crescent.
  Sheriff's Chambers, County buildings, Wilson st. ;
  Sir Archibald Alison, sheriff.
  SHERRY, James, spirit merchant, 122 and 124
  Stockwell street and 28 Stewart street ; house, 35
  Rose street, Garnethill.
  Sherry, Patrick, spirit merchant, 103 Castle street;
  house, 98 Parliamentary road.
  SHEWAN, James (of Gray & Shewan), house, 123
  Dumbarton road.
  Shieldmuir Colliery Office, at Wilsons & Co., 172
  West George street.
  SHIELDS & Duff, measurers, 183 West George st.
  Shields, Geo., teacher of pianoforte and singing, 183
  Sauchiehall street-
  Shields, John (of Shields & Duff), house, 3 Moray
  place, Regent's park.
  Shields, J. H., H.M. Customs; h:use, Wellpark pi.,
  Shields, John, shipmaster, 27 Paterson st., Kingston.
  Shields, "Wm., confectioner, 335 Argyle street.
  Shields, W. & T., grocers and provision merchants,
  159 Castle street: house, 23 Ronald street.
  Shiels, Wm., wholesale confectioner, 278 Argyle st.
  Shields, Mrs., midwife & ladies' nurse, 99 Waterloo St.
  Shields, Miss, 20 Kelvinhaugh street.
  Shields Brick and Grinding Works, and Irish
  Limekilns, 230 West st.; office, 137 West George st.
  Shields Cordage Works, Victoria road, Alexander
  Ross & Co.; house, 39 Devon street.
  SHIER, George, confectioner, 627 Gallowgate.
  SHIERLAW, George, grocer, 392 St. Vincent st.
  Ship Chandlery and Sailwork Co., 32 Lancefield qy. ;
  James Shanks, manager; ho. 17 Minerva street.
  Shipping Office, 12 James Watt street; Frederick
  Duncan, shipping master.
  SHIRRA, James, printer (at John Graham's), 3 St.
  Vincent place ; house, 108 North Hanover street.
  Shirra, James, timber merchant, Brickfield open, oft"
  Main street, Calton; house, 17 Macfarlane street.
  Shirra, James, spirit dealer, 552 Gallowgate; ho.
  118 Abercromby street.
  Shirra, John, wine and spirit merchant, 90 Green St.,
  89 Bellgrove st., and 411 Gallowg. ; ho. 415 do.
  Shirra, John, blacksmith, 74 Hope street; house, 43
  Buccleuch street.
  Shirra, Robert (at Dougall & Mathie's), house, 43
  Buccleuch street.
  Shirra, Samuel, portioner, 4 West street, Calton.
  Shirra, Mrs. J., 43 Buccleuch street.

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