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  Videon, M. C, 21 Royal crescent
  Vieille Montagne Zinc Agency ; R. Anderson &
  Co., 27 Jane street
  Viewforth Select Agency for governesses and
  servants, 123 Bruntsfield place
  Viewpark School, 5 Spylaw road ; William
  Donaldson, M.A., F.R.S.E., headmaster
  Vinestock, David, cabinetmaker, Waterston
  avenue ; house, 25 Milton street
  Vipond, Thomas K., 10 Craiglea drive
  Virol Ltd., 55a Frederick street
  Virtue & Kennedy, merchant tailorsand clothiers,
  43 Clerk street
  Virtue & Co., publishers and booksellers, 38
  York place; agent, J. Wilson
  Alrtue, C. P. {V. & Kennedy), 58 Marchmout
  Virtue, P. , 7 Hugh Miller place
  Virtue, Miss, 58 Marchmont crescent
  Visiting Committee of H.M. Prisons, Edin-
  burgh; Louis H. Gow, solicitor, 115 Hanover
  street, clerk
  Voge & Dacker, coal exporters and steamship
  owners and brokers, 2 Commercial street
  Voge, Anton, 4 Cluny avenue
  Vogler, H. , basket maker and cane worker,
  8 St Patrick square
  Volk, Jules, 253 Leith walk
  Volk, W., watchmaker and jeweller, 144 Albert
  street ; house, 253 Leith walk
  Vonberger & Co. Ltd., gut manufacturers, 119
  Von Mehrcn, Mrs J. P., 51 East Trinity
  Vulcanite Works (Dr Heinr. Traun & Sons),
  vulcanite and ebonite manufacturers, 8 Red-
  cross street, London, E.C. ; Telegrams,
  ' Instantly, London '
  Vulliamy, Edward 0., 3 South Learmonth
  Waddel, James B., & Co., coal merchants,
  6 Tarvit street
  Waddel, James, auctioneer and valuator, 15
  Marshall street ; house, 19
  Waddel, R., tailor and clothier, 149a Constitu-
  tion street ; house, 19 Cornhill terrace
  Waddel, Wm., school of music, 2 Melville st. ;
  house, 7 Murrayfield avenue
  Waddel, Mrs, Linglie, Primrose Bank road
  Waddell & M'Intosh, W.S., 87 George street
  Waddell, Andrew, & Son, carting and public
  works contractors, 9 Freer street and 51
  Constitution street ; Telephones, Edinburgh
  Central, 1469, Leith, 429
  Waddell, John, & Sons, railway and public
  works contractors, 21 St Andrew square ;
  Telegraph, ' Waddell ' ; Telephone, 68
  Waddell, M. & E., 5 Freer street
  Waddell, Alex. Peddie, W.S., 4 Great Stuart
  Waddell, David, warehouseman, 18 Buccleuch
  Waddell, D., church officer, 96 Buccleuch st.
  Waddell, Geo. (J. W. & Sons), 19 Ravelston
  â– nark
  Waddell, James, solicitor and N.P., 47 Queen
  street ; house, 1 Bellevue crescent
  Waddell James, 48 Willowb'-ae road
  Waddell, John, butcher, poulterer, and sausage-
  maker, 1 Cumberland street
  Waddell, J. J., 172 Dairy road
  Waddell, R. D., Glasgow Sausage works ; whole-
  sale branch, Watson crescent ; retail branches,
  5 St Patrick square, 15 Leith walk, 30 Easter
  road, and 101 Dairy road ; Telephone, Central
  Waddell, Thomas, 24 Dryden street
  Waddell, William, Captain, 35 Lochend road,
  Waddell, Wm. (A. W. <k Son), 14 Gilmore
  Waddell, William, 7 Murrayfield avenue
  Waddell, Mrs Isabella, 6a Iona street
  Waddell, Mrs Wood, 15 Greenbank terrace
  Waddell, Miss, 33 Thirlestane road
  Waddell, Miss, 12 Cluny gardens
  Waddie & Co. Ltd., manufacturers, stationers,
  printers, bookbinders, lithographers, and
  publishers, specialists in die embossing, St
  Stephen's works, 112 St Stephen street
  Waddie, John, & Co., coal exporters and ship
  brokers, 41 Bernard street
  Waddie, Charles ( W. & Co. ), 1 Zetland place
  Waddie, James S. (/. W. <L Co.), 5 Denham
  Green terrace
  Wade, Henry, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., 32 Alva street
  Wade, H. F., florist, Windsor nursery, Murray-
  field ; shop, 12 Duke street, Leith ; house,
  15 Primrose bank
  Wade, John, bootmaker, 13 St James' square
  Waghorne, A., 14 Collins place
  Wagstaff, J., baker, 2 and 4 Canongate ; house,
  24 Gardner's crescent
  Wagstaff, Wm. Henry (In. Rev.), 2 Mayfield
  Wagstaff, Mrs, 24 Gardner's crescent
  Wagstaff, Mrs, 22 Downfield place
  Wagstaff, Miss B., fruiterer, 50 Broughton st.
  Wainman, Samuel, 15 Waverley place, Leith
  Wainright, Matthew, confectioner, 340 Lawn-
  Waite, Alexander, gardener, 30 Kemp place
  Waite, James, 75 Comely Bank avenue
  Waite, Peter, 249 Great Junction street
  Waite, Thomas, 18 Balmoral place
  Waite, W. V., 14 Dudley ten-ace
  Waite, Mrs, 16 Cluny drive
  Waitt Brothers, fruiterers and florists, 46 Pol-
  warth crescent, 225 Morningside road, and
  145 Gilmore place ; house, 42 Woodburn
  Waitt, John, 57 Lochend road West
  Waitt, Thomas, 39 Woodburn terrace
  Wake, Charles, tobacconist, 14 Morningside
  drive ; house, 12
  Wakelen, Ernest W., 6 Spittal street
  Wakelin, Henrv, solicitor, 37 George street ;
  Telegraph, 'Wakeful ' ; Telephone, 2400 ;
  house, 1 Greenhill gardens
  Wakelin, William James, managing director,
  Oliver & Son Ltd, Valleyfield street
  Wakelin, W. J., 187 Bruntsfield place
  Waldensian Missions Aid and Italian Evangel-
  ization Society ; J. Forbes Moncrieff, C.A., 22
  Hill street, sec. and treas.

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