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Broadside ballad entitled 'Buudle [Bundle] an' Go'


Buudle an' Go.

Clyde's bonny hills whar the heather was blooming
An' laddies and lassies lang lo' a' the day.
I'm come my dear lassie to mak' the last offer,
Sae mak' up your mind, noo, and dinna delay.
My mither is gane and the house it is eerie,
This nicht ye may rue if you answer me no,
Ye hae't in your offer to aye be my dearie,
Rise up bonnie Annie, an' bunnle an' go.
        Bundle an' go, bundle an' go,
        Rise up, bonnie Annie, an' bundle an go,

My faither is dead and he's left me some siller,
He bade me ne'er marry anither but you.
I've ta'en his advice for lang hae I courted,
An' ye canna say but I'm constant and true.
Altho' we be poor yot our min' will be cheerie,
Our heart will ne'er sink tho' our purse is but
I'll count myself happy when kissing my dearie,
Rise up bonnie Annie, an' bundle an' go.
                        Bundle an' go, &c.

It's true I hae courted wee Mattie and Tibbie,
And ither daft gawkies at kirk and at fair,
But nane o' them a' set my bosom a dunting,
Or gart my heart loup between hope &despair,.
When out o' my sight I care nae mair about them.
The caper is ower I leave them to go,
But you my dear lassie, I lang lo'ed sae dearly:
Mak' haste are you ready to bundle an' go.
                        Bundle an' go, &c.

Her young tender mind it began for to swither,
She said while the tears of affection did flow.
It's hard to be pressed thus between love and duty.
Yet fain, very fain would I bundle an' go
An' if I should gang without telling my faither,
My tocher he'll keep, sheets and blanketf also,
My mither she'll rage and forever disown me,
Yet fain, very fain, would I bundle an' go.
                        Bundle an' go, &c.

A fiig for excuses come kilt up your coaties,
Ower moors and ower mosses ye ken we've to
There's danger in sitting & lingering & thinking,
The day will be breaking before it be lang.
Nae doubt but your faither and mither'll be angry
Yet love soon in it's auld channel shall flow,
When they see our wee totams aroun' the fire
Mak' haste?are you ready to bundle an' go.
                        Bundle an' go, &c.

Love lent wings in a blink they were coupled,
In joy and in pleasure their years row alang,
Ther young sprouts are innocent, noisy & healthy
And Tam to please Annie lilts ower a bit sang,
His Annie is a' his hale joy and his pleasure,
In love to each otker their bosoms do glow,
She blesses the day she left faither and mother,
And took his advice and did bundle an' go.
                        Bundle an' go; &c.


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Probable period of publication: 1860-1880   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.178.A.2(075)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Buudle [Bundle] an' Go'
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