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Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech, Confession and Dying Words of Ann Morison'


               THE   LAST            


Confession, and dying Words, of ANN MORISON, who was execute in
the Grass-Market of Edinburgh, on the 7th of March, 1759. for the
horrid Crime of murdering her own Child.

I ANN MORISON was born in the parish of Drumblate near to Les-
more, aged 26 Years, and from my Infancy brought up in the Town
of Strathbogie, during which Time I bore three unlawful Children,but they
all died while young ; my Parents were not in a Capacity to give Education
to me, and the Devil taking all Opportunities to deceive the Ignorant,
engaged me early into his Service, I acknowledge to my sorrow, I behav-
ed rudely to the several Masters I have served ; but since I came to this
lonesome prison, by the Blessing of God, and the Assistance of pious
Christians, I have obtained the Knowledge of reading the holy Scripture,
where I put my Confidence in a just God, who is good and gracious ; plen-
teous in Mercy, full of Compassion; not willing that any should perish,
but that the wicked should turn from his ways, and live.

I came to Edinburgh about three Years ago, where I served in credible
Families until this fatal Misfortune befel me: Remember not the Sins
of my Youth, O God, and let all mine Iniquities be blotted out of thy
Sight; wash me in the Blood of Sprinkling, that speaketh better Things
than that of Abel. Give thy Angels charge over me at the Hour of Death.
I acknowledge myself a great Sinner, and much given to that of Un-
cleanness, which has brought me to this shameful and untimely End.

I went to service in the Multrees hill, in the first of June last, and
being with Child by a young Man, whose Name I forbear to mention ; I
took all possible Care to conceal it, but being come to my Time, and going
a little Way off from my Master's House I unexepectdly took traveling and
was there delivered without Assistance,nor did I call for any, altho' I knew
there was People within hearing of me. The Child being born, I laid it
among the Corn and returned to my Master's House, but soon after, the
truth was suspected, and upon Examination, I was found guilty, for
which I am to suffer this Day.

Wash my guilty Soul in the peace-speaking Blood of my Redeemer,
O God of my Salvation, and my Tongue shall sing aloud of thy Righteous-

O that this may be a Warning to all young Women, and others,
from trusting to the smooth and deluding Speeches of young Men. I
acknowledge the tender Regard of the Ministers of this City have
shewn   for promoting my eternal Welfare, and especially to Mr. Glen
and Mr. Dick, tor their pious Care about my Soul; the Lord grant them
Success in all their Ministrations.

All along free and ready Access has been granted to such as could
any ways further me in my spiritual Progress. I earnestly beg the Prayers
of all who are Witnesses of my Death this Day, that God would have
Mercy on my Soul, and assist me in my Extremity, that after my De-
parture hence in Peace, I may meet, O Lord, with thy Favour, and be
received into thy everlasting Kingdom, through the Merits and Media-
tion of thine only Son, Jesus Christ, our blessed Lord and Saviour.

Labour early to have suitable Impressions of God upon your Spirits, and
right Notions of his absolute Purity and spotless Holiness; be affraid
to sin against him,for his all seeing Eye see all your Ways, and his al-
mighty Power can, and will reach you, if Mercy and unfeigned Repen-
tance prevent it not.

Labour to get right Views of Sin, and pray earnestly, frequently and
fervently to God through Christ, That you may be made to see the ex-
ceeding sinfulness of Sin, how repugnant it is to the pure and holy Nature
of God, how contrary to his Law, which is a Transcript of his spotless
Nature; how wounding to our blessed Saviour, and grievous to the holy
Spirit, and how hurtful and dangerous to the best Interests of our im-
mortal Souls, therefore endeavour to study a holy Life, remember that
nothing is hid from the all-seeing Eye of God, therefore honour him,
and keep his holy Commandments. Lord Jesus receive my Spirit. Amen,


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Date of publication: 1759   shelfmark: APS.4.201.06
Broadside entitled 'The Last Speech, Confession and Dying Words of Ann Morison'
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