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Broadside entitled 'An Account of the Horrid and Barbarous Murder of Helen M'Dougal'


                  AN ACCOUNT OF THE

Horrid and Barbarous


Helen   McDougal,

Wife of the Miscreant BURKE, who was Strangled to Death by
a number of Women at Deanstone Mills about a mile from Doun
near Perth.                                                      

Glasgow, 25th April, 1829.

It appears that Helen McDougall wife of the miscreant Burke, after her lib-
eration from Edinburgh, took her way to Glasgow where she remained for a
number of days till the suspicion of the persons whom she lodged with, caused
her repeatedly to shift, after which she bent her way to the Readon, where her
parents reside and holds a respectable situation, and where she remained for some
time, but being greatly annoyed one night her parents were under the necessity of
conveying her out of the back window in the middle of the night, and leave her to
spent the remainder of her wretched life in the best way she could. She then took
her way to Stirling where she stopt some time, and took up with a man of the
name of Campbell, a native of Perth, where they dwelt there for about one
month, being a stranger in the place, a suspicion arose, and she was recognised
on Tuesday last, and was resolved to go to Deanstone Cotton Mills, her man be-
ing a Spinner, and on her arrival there, he had got employment for three days
only, when she was totally discovered before she was aware of it, Campbell being
absent at the time, on the morning of Thursday when the Mills were going
in, she was attacked by a great number of Individuals most of them Females,
who attacked her furiously, siezed her by the hair of the head and strangled her,
one of the woman dispatched her by putting her foot on her breast, and crushed
her severely, she was then carried to a neighbouring house, where she expired
in the course of a few minutes. This put an end to the West-Port Murderers,
except Hare's Wife, who escaped from Belltorbett, on the death of her Husband.


On the night of friday the 10th April, about twelve o'clock, Hare took up his abode in the house of one
Atkinson, who was one of his old accomplices. The house was surrounded by a large mob, who swore
that they would Murder every person in the house if they did not give up Hare. In an instant they rus-
hed forward, broke open the door, and searched every corner, some person on the outside observed him
coming out of the top of the chimney, where in a moment of time he was brought to the ground, and
in a few minutes his body was so much mangled that he was taken by the police to a surgeon's shop and
his wounds dressed, but he died in the course of four hours.                           

      Printed for D. GLEN.

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Date published: 1829   shelfmark: APS.4.95.13
Broadside entitled 'An Account of the Horrid and Barbarous Murder of Helen M'Dougal'
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