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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Poet's Return'



Poet's Return,

BY JOHN M A C M I L L A N,            



BANKS OF GIRVAN WATER.                              

TUNE?" The Traveller's Return."                              

To view the scenes of Nature, I
Have travelled far and wide,
And wondrous Sights of Art to spy,
With Muses for my guide.
    With joy and grief I now return
To Girvan Water fine,
To see the place where I was born,
Brought up, and bred langsyne?

All hail ! delightful hills and dales,
       With lovely lawns and groves,
Where blithesome birds repeat their tales,
All warbling with their loves :
And hail, relations, friends, I call
On you remaining mine,
Behold how time has changed us all,
Since I was here langsyne !

Kilkerran and Kirkoswald here,
Dalquharran, Dailly dale,
Bargany, and Trochregg, appear,
       Kilochan?Piedmont vale ;?
Kilkerran, O thou place of worth !
Remember I am thine,?
Upon thy land I was brought forth,
In Glenton Farm langsyne.

    Near Dailly Bridge, a cottage there
       Did once the eye regale,
   With D. Maclure's fine children, fair,
         Like lilies of the vale :
In youthful days they went away,
Where they far distant shine,
And flourish like the flowers of May,
Fair virtue's fruits langsyne.!?

Here Catharina, fairest maid,
Shone like the morning star ;
In learning, she great powers displayed,
At school excelling far.
And sweet Rosina, fair and red,
Carnation-like, so fine,
I loved, but still my love was hid,
Through bashfulness, langsyne !

To Girvan water I'm returned,
Where every scene endears ;
And now, behold the Hill that burned
For near a hundred years !
It rent the rocks, and flamed the height,
And burned the mountain pine ;
But now it is extinguished quite,
Not like the place langsyne !

The Lady Glen, and all around
Kilkerran House I view,
Where coal, and lime, and wood abound,
More precious than Peru !
The Muse imagines this my lot,
And sings of it as mine,
This healthy, heartsome, happy spot,
Where I was born langsyne !

I here would lay me down and die,
The ground I would embrace ;
My body here entombed would lie,
In this my Native Place !
My soul would take the way that's given
To endless bliss divine,
And join the Seraphim of heaven
With poets of langsyne !

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Probable date published: 1860-   shelfmark: APS.3.87.112
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Poet's Return'
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