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Broadside entitled 'Total Wreck of the Britannia'




OF THE                                                                                                      


An account of the melancholy loss of the Britannia Steam            
Boat, which was lost on her passage from Newry to the               
Broomielaw, early an Monday morning last.----Glasgow,                                 

15th October, 1829.                                                                                          

(From the Glasgow Courier of Thursday, Oct.15)                                                         

LOSS OF THe BRITANNIA STEAM-BOAT.                                          

Early on Monday morning last, this Steam Boat, on her                     
passage from Newry to the Broomielaw was driven by the                  
gale of Sunday evening into Donaghadee harbour, and sunk                     
there, after having been brought to anchor. We are happy
to state that the crew and passengers were saved, several of                  
them having been awoke by the water coming in upon them                     
in bed. We understand that she is not much damaged, and                     
is expected to be got up.                                                                                 

Since we copied the above from the Courier a letter has been                     
received in Glasgow, which states that the Vessel has become a                                 
total wreck.                                                                                                      

STATE OF IRELAND                                             

On Friday night last, he farm of Mr.Cloxton belonging to Sir Henry Parnell,                        
M. P, within a mile of Mary borough, and within call of two Magistrates of the                              
Queen's County, was attacked between the hours of nine and ten o'clock by a party                                 
of Rockites who demanded fire-arms, and commenced to break open the doors. The                        
police, going their rounds, heard the attack, and immediately made for the place,
upon coming up the Rockites called, "who comes ? the police, was the reply they                              
were desired to stand off, and the Rockite party called out, " picquet, what are you   
about ?" the Rockets fired four shots, which were returned by the police, after the                              
Sergeont had received a shot through the throat. One of the Rockites was stabbed                           
through the eye add taken prisoner, but , the others Hed. A horse pistol and blun.                        
derbuss were taken loaded with slugs ; traces of blood were observed on the road for                           
three miles next morning.            

Next morning Captain Percival, a Magistrate, Lieuts. M'Cumming and Rollo                        
with the company of the 92d Highlanders stationed in Maryborough and Lieut.                        
Wray, with the; Maryborough and Stradbally, occured the country for miles round,               
when one prisoner with several stand of arms, were brought in. The outrage oc-                              
curred close to the military station.                                                                                                
                                                                John Muir printer, Glasgow.                           

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(110a)
Broadside entitled 'Total Wreck of the Britannia'
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