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Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'



And   Sentence.

An account of the Trial and Sentence of JOHN STEWART
and CATHERINE WRIGHT, who were found guilty at
Edinburgh on Tuesday last of the horrid Murder and Rob-
bery of Robert Lamont on board the Toward Castle Steam
Boat, and sentenced to be Executed at Glasgow on Wednes-
day the 19th August next.?Glasgow, July 15, 1829.

EDINBURGH, JULY 14, 1829.?This day the High Court of Justiciary pro-
ceeded to the trial of JOHN STEWART, blacksmith, and CATHERINE
WRIGHT, or STEWART, charged with having on the 15th December last on
board of the Toward Castle Steam Boat on her voyage from Inverary to Glasgow,
and when the said Steam Boat was on her way between Tarbet and Glasgow, did
wickedly and feloniously administer to Robert Lamont, then a passanger on board
the same boat, and lately merchant and farmer in the Isle of Ulva, and Shire of
Argyle, a quantity of Laudanum or some other substance, which they had mixed up
with a quantity of porter or ale, which they gave the said Robert Lamont to drink,
and the said Robert Lamont having accordingly partaken of the said poisonous mix-
ture, was shortly after seized with a preround sleep, and while in this state they did
then steal from his person a black leather pocket book, 10 pound notes, a 2 pound
note, and seven guinea notes, a black silk purse and some silver money, all in the
lawful possession of the said Robert Lamont, and in consequence of having drank
the said poisonous mixture, the said Robert Lamont lingered in a state of utter in-
sensibility until the morning of the day following, when de died in consequence
thereof, and was thus murdered by the said John Stewart and Catherine Wright.

They were indicted to stand trial at the Circuit Court of Justiciary which met
in Glasgow in April last, but it was put off on some account or other, and they re-
ceived fresh indictments to stand trial at Edinburgh on the 15th June last, when,
owing to a relevancy in the indictment, it was again postponed till this day (Tues-
day). Owing to the enormity of the crime it has excited great interest, especially,
in Glasgow, and the Court was very crowded.

The prisoners on being put to the bar, pleaded Not Guilty.
The Court then proceeded to the examination of the witnesses, a great number
of whom were examined, and their evidence occupied the attention of the Court
till about six o'clock.

The Lord Advocate then addressed the Jury for the Crown, He made a very
eloquent speech, and contended that the crime was clearly proven, and asked a
verdict of guilty against both the prisoners.

The Counsel for the prisoners, also made eloquent speeches in behalf of their
clients, and contended that the crime was not proven.                                       
Lord Gillies then summed up the evidence, and the Jury retired, and returned
verdict of Guilty against both the prisoners.                                       

Lord Gillies then, after a very eloquent and impressive address, sentenced them
to be Executed at Glasgow on Wednesday the 19th August, and their bodies to
be given for dissection.                                                                                    

John Muir printer, Glasgow.

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Date of publication: 1829   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(107b)
Broadside entitled 'Trial and Sentence'
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