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Broadside entitled 'Trials'



GLASGOW, 26th April, 1826.

Yesterday, the Justiciary Court was opened here by Lord- Meadowbank and
Mackesnzie, when it proceeded with the trial of Duncan M'Arthur, Margaret
Love, and Catherine Fitzgerald, charged with stealing a trunk, containing a
great many articles of wearing apparel belonging to Lord strathallan. The
former transportation for life, and love and Fitzgerald for 14 years.

Thomas lnnes was charged with knocking down and robbing James Hamil-
ton, weaver, of some bundles 9s.6d. of money, at the Gallowgate toll-bar,
on the 9th January last .    Not proven and dismissed from the bar.

James Donaldson, robbery ; 14 years transportation.

James Reid was accused of stealing some old iron, to which be pleaded
guilty. Sentence?Bridewell for 10 months.

Thomas Young was charged with robbing Matthew Bell of a watch and its
appendages. The pilsoner pleaded guilty. sentence? Bridewell for 12 months.

Thomas M' Gregor, charged with uttering forged notes.   Dismissed.

Samuel Thomson charged with uttering forged notes.      knowing the same to
be forged.   The prisoner pleaded gullty.    sentence?14 years transportation.

James Dollan. and Robert Sym, charged with robbery; Dollan was found
guilty, and sentenced to be Executed at Glasgow on Wednesday the 7th of
[ ] next. Sym was sentenced to transportation for life.

Robert Mitchell Forrester, assault was outlawed for non-appearance.

Jean Livingsten was charged with stealing L. 15 from the person of Neil
Walker, and of being habit and repate a thief. 14 years trasportations.

Neil Johnston, cotton-spinner,was charged with stealing a silver watch.
Sentenced to transportation for 14 years.

Margaret Millar was charged with having at various times, by means of a
false key, catered a house in O d Wynd, 14 years transportation.

John M'Laren, theft, pled Guilty ; sentenced to Bridewell for six months.

Alexander M'Kenzie stealing a silver   watch from the schooner Lord

Nelson, lying at Port Duadas ?Guility, sentenced to Bridewell for 12 months.

James Thomson, James M 'Donald, and John Semple were charged with
breaking in to the house of Janet wilson, and stealing a verity of arlicles, pled,
not guity. M'Donald and Semple acquitted, and Thomson sentenced to 7
years transportation.

James M'Lachlan was charged with robbing Diederih Altmann Greenock
of a silver watch ; libel not proven, and he was dismissed from the bar.

Peter Lennox and John King housebreaking; 14 years transportation.

Catherine M'Leod was charged with having malicously and wilfully cut
Walter Heatherington, in the right temple with a shoemaker's   knife, pled not
guilty. The Jury returned a verdict of guilty. sentence not passed.

Peter M'Aulay cotton spinner, was charged with breaking into the house
of Mr. John Anderson changekeeper,   Calton, and stealing a quantity of wear-
ing apparel; he was found guilty, and sentenced to 14 years transportation.

Thursday-This morning Thomas M'Kenna and Dennis Murphy were
convicted of theft and housebreaking.   After an impressive address from the
Judge to the pannele warning them to hold out no hopes of mercy in this
world, they were sentenced to be Executed at Glasgow on the 14th June next.

James Kirkland, stabbing and wounding; 3 months imprisonment.

John M'Kenzie and Dan. M Kay theft; the former 18 months Bridewell,
the latter dismissed.

Alexr. Baird, Alex. Baird jun & George Kerr, mobbing; 2 months in jail.

Charles Camphell, accused   of murder at Budgeton, was proved to be insane,
and is to be confined during the term of his natural life.

John Watson intent to commit rapes 12 months in Bridewell.

Daniel Paterson, intent at rape; sentence delayed.                              

Jean Bell, accused of child murder; 3 months in Bridewell.

John Campbell, uttering forged notes; 14 years transportation.

John Grant and Peter Stuart, assault and robbery not proven, dismissed.

James Park, shooting and wounding; Not Guilty.

William Hunter, housebreaking and theft; 14 years transportations,

James steel, assault; dismissed.

Joseph Wilson and Thomsas Hamilton, robbery; the former goes to Edin-
burgh; the latter liberated.

Wm. Walker, Daniel Mulholland and Jean Gray, housebreaking; the two
former dismissed, and the womon to be transported 14 years.

Robert Galbraith, housbresking. Dismissed.

[    ] Printer, Glasgow                                 

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Date of publication: 1826   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(086)
Broadside entitled 'Trials'
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