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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'


Trials & Sentences

Glasgow, April 12th, 1824,?This day, the Circuit Court of Justiciary was opened      
here by the Right Hon. the Lords Gillies and Meadowbank, when, after an appro-
priate prayer by the Rev. Mr. Muir, St. James's, the Court proceeded to examine
the following cases :                                                                              

John M'Nee, accused of theft; John M'Farlane of a rape ; Daniel Montgomery
and James Hunter, of assault and hamesucken, were outlawed for non-appearance.

Thomas M'Lachlan, for theft of a horse, pled Guilty, and was sentenced to 12
months' hard labour in Bridewell.                                             

Archibald Gibson, who was outlawed at last Circuit, accused of assaulting and rob-
bing Mr. Maxwell on the Little Govan Road ; libel not proven, and he was dismissed.
Colin Campbell, an accomplice and witness, was committed for prevarication.         

Robert Thomson, for theft in Greenock, and being habit and repute a thief, pled
Guilty, and was sentenced to 7 years transportation.

Frederick Forrester, accused, of falsehood, fraud, forgery, and wilful imposition,
pled Guilty.    Sentenced to 14 years' transportation.      

Margaret Gordon, accused of theft and housebreaking, and being habit and repute
a thief, pled Guilty.    Sentence?14 years' transportation.

Maria Kelly, accused of uttering a forged 1l. note of the Glasgow Bank. Libel not
proven, and she was dismissed from the bar.

Tuesday, April 13th, 1824.?Alexander Stevenson and Ann Livingstone, accused
of theft, by opening lock-fast places, were found Guilty, and sentenced to 11 years'
transportation. Livingstone exclaimed, " I hope your Lordship will be in h?l before
that period."                                                                                                

John Dougherty, a seafaring man, accused of stealing a ferry-boat, near Cardross,
was found Guilty, and sentenced to 1 year's imprisonment.

W. M'Alister, H. Gallochar, and John M'Donald, for theft in Greenock, were
sound Guilty ;the first two to be transported 14 years, and the last to 9 months im-
prisonment in Paisley jail.

J. H. Thomson, for theft in Paisley, found Guilty ; to be transported 7 years.
Peter Kelly, accused of culpable homicide, was dismissed.

T. Smith and J. M'Lintock, housebreaking, theft, and habit and repute thieves,
were found Guilty, and sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

Francis Weir accused of theft, was found Guilty, to be transported 14 years.
J. Robertson,for robbery, was brought forward, and sent back to prison.            

S. M'Menemy, falsehood, fraud, wilful imposition, and embezzlement, pled guilty.
Goes to Edinburgh for sentence.

William M'Teague and Margaret M'Teague, for uttering forged notes, were found
Guilty; William M'Teague was, after a suitable ;admonition, sentenced to bo Exe-
cuted at Glasgow on Wednesday the 19th of May, and his daughter to be transport-
ed for 14 years.

James Stables, accused of issuing forged notes was next put to the bar, and who
pled Guilty, and was sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

J. Graham, J. Smith, J. M'Leod, and Quinten Kerr, from Paisley, housebreaking
and theft; Kerr was outlawed, the other two guilty, and to be transported for life.

John M'Dougall, alias Gow; housebreaking?guilty; 7 years transportation.

Campbell Roy and James Bell, for housebreaking and, theft, and habit and repute
thieves; Roy Guilty, and to be transported for life ; Bell was acquitted.

W. Weir, theft, round guilty; 6 months imprisonment.
J. Maxwell, theft, guilty, 12 months imprisonment in Bridewell.
Janet Forsyth, accnsed of theft, was acquitted.

Alex. Paterson and Wm. Hill for housebreaking; the former to be transported 14
years and the latter outlawed.                                                                              

W. Henderson and J. M'Gregor, accused of theft, were dismissed from the bar.
John Samson, accused of culpable homicids, was acquitted.                                 

David Sharp, John Cameron or Anderson, J. and D. M'Creevie, for stouthrief,
theft and housebreaking at Springvale; the two tirst were outlawed; D. M'Creevie.
dismissed ; and John M'Creevie, Guilty, who, after a serious address, was sentenced
to be Executed at Glasgaw on the 19th May next; Margaret Bell, for reset of the
same, sent back to prison.

William M'Q[ ] alias Corley forgery pled Guilty; transportstion for life

W.Carse,Painter Glasgow

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Date of publication: 1824   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(070)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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