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Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'



Glasgow, April 18th, 1822.?The Court has gone through the following Cases .

MATHEW WILSON, charged with stealing upon the 29th Dec. 9 silk handkerchiefs, and
15 yards of Queen's Cloth, from Francis Gemmill, Paisley, and being habit and repute a
thief, plea Guilty, and was sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

JAMES FLEMING, charged with stealing two cows from John Waddell, New Monkl and,
upon 13th September last, pled Guilty. Sentenced to transportation for life.

ACNES EASTON indicted for concealment of pregnancy at Lesmahagow, pleaded Guilty,
and was sentenced to 4 months' imprisonment.

THOMAS STODDART was next put to the bar, for entering a stable at Corbiehall, parish of
Carstairs, on 28th Dec. last, and stealing two one pound notes, 17s. in silver, and various
articles of clothing. He pled Guilty, and was sentenced to be transported for 7 years.

ALEXANDER FRAME, for stealing 12 pair of gloves from Mr Proudfoot, glover, Glasgow,
on the 16th Feb. last, pled Guilty, and was sentenced to 14 years' transportation.

DANIEL RANKINE, accused of entering the house of Janet Wilkie, Portugal Street, Gor-
bals, and stealing several notes, 2 crown pieces, 9s. in silver, 7 silver tea spoons, a gold
chain, a gold ring, and a number of papers, on the 2d Oct. last, pled Guilty, but was re-
commended to mercy for his youth, and was sentenced to be Hanged on the 5th June.

JOHN PACE and JOHn M'PHERSON for discharging a loaded fowling piece at James Orr,
collier, Kilburnie, on the 6th Feb. last, bv which he was so   severely wounded that he died
on the 13th, pled Not Guilty. The [   ] was found Not Proven, and they were dismissed

ThOMAS COOK accused of murder, pled Not Guilty. The jury brought in a verdict or
culpable homicide, and he was sentenced to 6 months' imprisonment.

JOHN RANKINE charged with entering the house of Isobel Dick, Rottenrow Street, on
the 15th Jan. last, by ineans of false keys, and stealing a quantity of wearing apparel, pled
Guilty to the reset only, and was sentenced to 12 months' imprisonment.

ROBERT CAMpbell, for breaking the house of John Nielson, spirit-dealer, Camlachie, en
the 25th November, and stealing a quantity of books, and ,of being habit and repute a thief,
pled Not Guilty. He was found Guilty, and sentenced to transportation for life.

HELEN- GORIE and JAMeS MUSHAT, charged with stealing wearing apparel, from Margaret
Ritchie, Grahamston, Glasgow, on the 23d Feb. pled Not Guilty, and was dismissed from
the bar. Helen Gorrie: pled Guilty, but being unwell, was removed from the bar.

ROBERT TENNANT alias Lawrence Tennant alias Robert Lawrence 'Tennant, charged with falsehood, fraud
and forgery. on the 9th February last plad, Guilty, and was sentenced to be transported for 7 years.

HELEN RENNE charged with having, on the 30th December last, administered a quantity of arsenic to her   
natural child, a boy between 9 and 10 months old, by which he died in a few hours.    After a long trial, the jury
gave-in a verdict of Not Guilty, and after a suitable advice, she was dismissed from the bar.

The Court next proceeded to the trial of WILLIAM CAMPBELL, JAMES KERR, and WILLM. WELSH,
for breaking the shop of Wm. Whyte, dyer, Giasgow, on the 3d Jan. last, and being habit and repute thieves, end

ting said goods, pled Not Guilty.    Campbell was found Guilty, and sentenced to be Executed or. Wednesday the
29th of May next.    The lible against Kerr and Welsh was found Not Proven and they were dismissed.    The two
woman were found Guilty of the reset ; the one was sentenced to 18 and the other to 6 months imprisonment.

THOs BROWN, JAMES HOLMES alias LETTERS, and MART JARVIS alias NIMMO, accused of three
different acts of theft at Paislcy on the 7th Feb last; their ease is to be tried at Edinburgh.

ANDREW GOVAN, for stealing silk handkerchief from the shop of Mr A. Paterson, haberdasher, Trongate,
on the 1st March, pled Guilty, ana was sentenced to 14-years' transportation                                       .

ANDREW PEEBLES, for staling a quantity of wearing apparel from the house of William Gillespie, William
street, Calton in Oct. last and being habit and repute a thief, pled Guilty, and is to be transported for life.

HILL BOYD HAY,for stealing from a bleaching green in Laurieston on the 14th last, and being repute a
thief was found Guilty, and is to be transported 14years.

DONALD DAVIDSON, charged with falsehood, forgery and wilful imposition was next put to the bar. He was
found Guilty, and after suitable admonition from the Judge,he was sentenced to be Hanged on the 29th May.

ing and theft, by stealing a quantity of wine and run from a cellar in Gorhals; Donnachy was found Guilty, and
was sentenced to be Hanged on the 5th June next; the other three pled Guilty, and are to be transported 14 years

THOs. BROWN and ROBr. STEVENSON, for stealing a silk badkerchief and a mutch from the house of
Names Young, Paisley; the diet was deserted against Brown and the libel Not proven against stevenson.

GEO. BUCKLEY, for breaking the house of John Carfrae, Dovehill, with intent to steal. to go to Edinnburgh


JAMES MUNRO, and Wm. GREEN, charged with mobbing and rioting on the 17th feb. last, pled Not Guilty
R. Campbell, John M Millan Jhon campbell, James Brown and James Mumro, were Guilty , and were sen
tenced to transporatation for 14 years, and R. Campbell to be publicity whipped. The other two were dismissed.

W. BORTHWICK for the Sentinel Office, and R. LEES, for seducing artizans ; both cases go to Edinburgh.

ROBt. YOUNG and JOHN MORRISON , for the stealing from a house in Paisley; to go to Edinburgh.

[   ] Bole or Boyle on the 10th Nov . last ; the last four were outlawed, and M'Grady goes to Edinburgh.
CAMPBELL was found Guity of falsehood frud and imposition sentenced to 18 months imprisonment.
JAMES KING accused of assaulting excise officers; the libel was found Not Proven
[    ] WOTHERSPOON AND ROBT . SMELLIE accused of perjury ' were outlawed. MATHEW STEELE
[    ] to Edinburgh.- This finished the criminal business.

                                                                      W. CARSE, PRINTER, GLASGOW.

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Date of publication: 1822   shelfmark: L.C.Fol.73(029)
Broadside entitled 'Trials and Sentences'
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