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Broadside ballad entitled 'Woman's Pride'



You men and you wives lend an ear to my song.
I warrnt 'twill please you and not keep you long.
Indeed It's no joke but the truth I declare,
It's concerning your wives a trimming of their hair.
CHORUS.-Fal de ral de.

In morning and evening as you walk through the street

Those fine dandy wives yon are sure for to meet,

With their false curls around their heads, and you but

them twig,
And they hang down their faces like a monkey's wig.

When dinner is over to the glass they repair.
For their time is all taken up in dressing of their hair,
With their false silly curls their faces they do hide,
And they wink at the men as they pass by their side.

There is the shopkeeper's daughter to market does go,
With their fine dandy heads and their caps full of bows,
So grand you would think they were noblemen's wives,
And they stink with pride with baskets by their sides.

Fine veils they must have for to make them look big,
Like a large cabbage net spread all over their wig,
With their bracelets and beads and fine bosom pins.
And they are all wore on purpose to gain a young man.

There is the farmer's daughter to market does ride,
On an old galloway with the butter by their side,
For the land is so high and the corn is so low,
Instead of learning music to milking they must go.

There is the frisky old wives we must bring them in,

For to look at a man they almost think it a sin.

with their false dandy curls round their brows they do

And the hair of their heads is as gray as a cat.

So young men be careful in choosing of your wives,
And never take one that is fond of pride,
for dressing of their hair and curling of their wig,
It will rob you of your dinner and the price of your pig.

Robt. Mclntosh Pirnter.   96 King Street Calton.

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Probable date published: 1849-   shelfmark: RB.m.169(226)
Broadside ballad entitled 'Woman's Pride'
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