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Broadside ballad entitled 'The Second Regiment of Royal Edinburgh Volunteers'





A NEW SONG.? ? ?Tune, O'er the hills and far awa'.


ARISE and let us now repair
And go away to Heriot's Green,
The sun doth shine, the day is fair,
To see the Volunteers convene.
Assembled for their country's weel,
And Britain's right for to assert,
All honest fellows, true and leel,
They come to learn the soldiers art.


For France and Spain they now again
With numerous hosts do threaten sore
Us to invade, with might and main,
And make us captive on our shore.
But if they dare, let them beware
In case they should a Tartar catch ;
EDINA'S Sons will take good care,
And all their motions strictly watch.


We don't expect they'll us invade,
Or ever will attempt to land ;
On Scotland's coast   to make parade,
Or anchors cast in Fortha's strand.
But if they will we'll meet them still;
At Carmagnol's we're not afraid,
To look and face the Gallic race,
That come our country to invade.


For great BUCCLEUGH, of martial deeds,
His country's champion first appears,
And to the field of honour leads
Next CRICHTON brave, forward to save
His country from th' impending blow,
Conducts the band, with sword in hand,
To hurl fell vengeance on the foe.


Many brave names, who I not know,
All forward in the noble cause
It to defend, regard to show
Our KING, our COUNTRY, and our LAWS.
But, should proud Gaul, and vaunting Spain,
With hostile fleets, e'er us assail,
Our Gallant Tars, well fam'd in wars,
Will render that of no avail.


CORDOVA, of Castilian blood,
Hath not forgot that fatal day,
He met, unwish'd, the British Fleet
When sailing into Lago's Bay.
At Trinidad, the Dons of late
Their wonted courage did display,
Burnt ships at night, and in a fright,
Took to their boats and run away.

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Probable period of publication: 1820-1837   shelfmark: ABS.10.203.01(027)
Broadside ballad entitled 'The Second Regiment of Royal Edinburgh Volunteers'
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