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Broadside ballad entitled '"The Slighted Soldier""


"The Slighted Soldier."

Stilled are once more the shouts o' war,
And smiling peace returns,
There's sorrow noo in mony a hame,
There's mony a heart that mourns.
Mony a brave braw sodger lad
Gaed tae that scene o' strife,
And for his country's honour gave,
Ungrudgingly, his life.

Why is the puir brave sodger lad
Aft treated wi' disdain,
And looked on as an outcast
Or some other evil bane ?
But when the start o' war alarms
Gae soondin' thro' the land,
It's then he's lauded tae the skies
An' praised on every hand.

Sma' is the recompense they gie
For hardships undergane;
Aft in the workhouse left tae dee,
A' freenless an' alane.
Few are the freens that succor them
In their declining years,
Till welcome death brings tae an' end
His travel thro' this vale o' tears.

Maybe when oot enjoyin' his sel'
He's a wee bit diel ma' care,
But when there's duty tae be dune
You'll always find him there.
He's thankful for a kindness dune,
Tae freens he's true as steel,
Wha honour an' respect him maist
Are them that ken him weel.

Nae doot he's rough an' ready,
His ways ye canna' thole,
But aft a rough exterior shades
The beauty of a soul.
The gallant honest sodger lad
Aye does the best he can ;
He's ready aye for Britain's foes,
Sae treat him as a man !

Pte. J. SIBBALD, Ist Black Watch.

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Probable period of publication: 1870-1890   shelfmark: RB.m.143(196)
Broadside ballad entitled '
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